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Completely different war. you're thinking of WW1.

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Q: World War 2 how did the soldiers feel when their general would yell over the top?
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How would you feel if you were stopped by the German soldiers?

I will feel very nervous if I were stopped by the Germans soldiers.

How did trench warfare in world war 1 on the western front shape soldiers?

Soldiers would get sickness like trench foot and lice infection. soldiers would develop extreme cases of shell shock and die. How would you feel if your friends were getting killed by mortars... trenches were NOT a good thing for soldiers

How did the soldiers feel on the train to russia in world war 1?

very joyfull

What would a 12 year old girl do during the civil war?

She would help soldiers feel better.

How would you feel if you were George Washington during the inauguration?

i would feel like i would be the ruler of the world

How would someone feel when they see wounded soldiers in a basement?

Well, that would be an opinion. Depends on how the person is... and I am sure they would be willing to aid those wounded soldiers... but there is no exact answer I could give you, because everyone would react differently.

How did soldiers feel about D-day?

The soldiers were eager to get World War II over with. The strategies laid out for the D-Day invasion proved to be quite stressful for the men, but they needed to do their job and they did.

Why did German soldiers not feel defeated after World War 1?

The German's didn't feel defeated, because Hitler promised them for world domination. That he'd fix Germany and make it the capital of the world, and how he promised everyones life to get better. So the soldiers were still thinking that they could win the next war (aka WW2 (World War 2) ) As a people, the Germans did not feel they had been really defeated in WW I - only "humiliated". Hitler played on that.

How did the American soldiers of World War I feel about fighting?

the soldiers must have felt scared lonely and useless. they where cold dirty and gritty in the trenches they all wanted to be home where they all felt safe.

How did men feel about going over the top in World War 1?

the soldiers were scared when they went over the top, if one soldier told you that they wernt scared when they went over the top they would have been lying

How did Pickett's soldiers feel before making their charge?

Certainly nervous, but they knew they had a job to do, and would go where Lee directed them to.

How did the soldiers feel in Pearl Harbor?