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Q: Would you like to have Entertainment and fun in your life?
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What was ancient greeces entertainment like?

it was sexual and fun for men

Why is music entertainment?

beause its fun to listen to like in the car and your like sereo

What is the difference between fun and fan?

fun is entertainment (like to have fun) and fan is a suporter (like Jemmy is a fan of barcelona),hope that helps

What can you do for entertainment at California?

Go to Disneyland! There are loads of fun things there, like California Screamin' or Mickeys Fun Wheel for kids.

Why do you like volleyball?

Because its a fun form of exercisize and entertainment all rolled into one !

What means entertainment and dance?

it means like music pictures comedy stuff for fun

What would it look like if basketball had not been invented?

life wouldn't be as fun and then we would still have the other sports

Why was the Wii invented?

for fun and entertainment

Advantages of entertainment in internet?

its fun

What was life like in the 1960s?

Fun and hip.

What was sparten life like?

Fun! :P

Do people dance for entertainment?

Yes. Dance can be for entertainment of others, or just for fun.

What is family life like today?

You have a good life. You also have fun.

What does the media provide?

media provides a range of things like entertainment, news, help, fun and friendship

What is the reason for model airplanes?

Fun and entertainment

What is the antonym for errand?

Fun, entertainment, pastime...

What is the entertainment in New York?

fun living

What was life like for a shepherd in Jesus times?


What was ranch life like?

I think it was really fun

What is family life like in Iceland?

very fun

What would life be like with a newborn baby at age 14?

Not very fun. Your young life will be over. Wait until your at least 25. Have a good life first!

How would a peasant have fun?

all your life lol!

Is baseball only for entertainment?

Yes, it is for entertainment but also it is a really fun game if you are playing it!

How was Homer the poet life like?

The life Homer was fun because he had poetry.

Why do people like superhero comics so much?

Because they are fun to read and have excellent entertainment vaule and if you read them you can forget about your troubles for a while and have some fun.