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Q: Would You Like To Write A Book or Publish It In UAE?
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When making a book can you use it as like your favotire celebertie?

You want to write a book about one person? You would need their permission if you want to publish it. If you don't plan to publish it you can write it.

How do you publish a manga?

You can publish a manga like how you publish a book (a picture book more of).

How much do you get paid it you get a book published?

if you have a good publisher you can get paid $1000 if you publish your first book and if people like it and there going to want you to publish more book and the price goes up but you have to write something that your know people going to be interested in.

I would like to write in your magazine I write English poems?

WikiAnswers is not a magazine. We are a Question and Answer website. Here are some links for you to look at if you want to publish your writing.

How much money does it cost to get a book published?

You can publish a book on Barnes and Noble or Amazon for free. If you would like hard copies, publishing a book can be expensive. For 2300, you can usually self publish. If you sign a contract with a publishing house, it won't cost you anything.

How can i publish my first book easily?

Now it is easy to publish any book like e-book, non fiction book, inspirational book, and so on. There is a website called grace point publishing. If you visit them then you can realize how easy to publish a book. They will also help you to get more sell. You can visit them if you completed your book.

Can I get a sponsor to pay for my book to be publish?

Man! I have a like question. I need a sponsor for book signings.

What is the email address for Simon and Schuster Publishing Co?

Like to learn how I could get my book publish by Simon & Schuster Inc and would like to have their email address

Do you need license to publish a magazine?

It actually depends like if it was a magazine for everyone to read. Or like for school or something. I don't think you would need a license. You just have to be careful on what you write and how you write it. (Criticism from others).

How do I go about trying to publish a cookbook?

Technology has been developed to allow people to self publish their own material therefore cutting out the middle man such as publishers and agents. There is a great website called Smashwords that allows people to write and publish their own writings on their website. They list all the tools necessary for a person to write,compose and upload their writing material. You can also list your book as an EBook for free or set an amount you would like people to pay to download your material.

Is Kate Cary going to write a third Bloodline novel?

The end of the second book tells you that Quincy Harker had to return to being a vampire. So in any case Kate Cary could write more about how John tries to torment Mary by doing something to Quincy in some way. So I would hope.Kate Cary has said about the books that she would like to write a third book, but the popularity of the books are not great enough for the publisher to publish it.

Am 18 yrs old and am writing a book-the king of dreams-but i dont know where to go fron there I would like to publish it would you please advice me?

Try booksurge .com

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