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friends yes...but if you are talking about a adult......most likely not....unless she feels really comfortable with this person.

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Q: Would 13YearOld tell someone else if a boy ask her to go out?
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How do you tell a guy friend you like him but he is seeing someone else?

It would probably be best not to tell your friend that you like him while he is dating someone else. If they break up, then would be the time to speak to him.

What do you do if you saw someone cheating?

Are you the person they were cheating or was it someone else? If someone was cheating you, I would say I didn't want to be their girlfriend (or boyfriend if you are a guy) anymore and that I saw them cheating. If it is someone else that was being cheated, I would tell the person who is being cheated and tell the person what I saw the person do.

How can tell if someone has logged in as someone else to try and get information?

If something has changed that's how you would know.

How do you make your crush think you are not interested in her?

Tell her! ignoring her would make her want you more.. or get someone else to tell her

How would someone be cheating?

Usually, you can tell by always busy, talking to someone else, and not answering the phone (during the night).

Why did maniac believe no one else would orphan him?

because when ever someone orphaned him he would leave

Would you tell your ex boyfriend that you are dating someone else just to get back at him?

No. I would not want to seem childish.

What do you do if you like a guy who likes someone else that is already going out with someone else?

you would let ti alone. if it bugs you that much, tell a rumor about her to your love that she is secretly dating.

Why does your crush like someone else?

most likely because u dont tell him that u like him so he is gonna like someone else and u would be crushed

How can you tell he is lying that he loves someone else when really on the inside he loves you?

Well hun, if he loves you, then why would he love someone else? Or why would he love you if he loves someone else? Just think, if he truly loves someone, he wouldn't love another person even if he shows it or not. So, he might be lying, sorry to say.

How do you tell if your pretty?

Tell someone else that they are.

What happens if someone else asked someone else who they like?

Nothing! That someone if wants to share his feelings about the one he/she likes, would surely tell you something about him or her, but if that someone wants to maintain the privacy level, he/she will not reveal anything to you. Simple!

How do you talk to a girl if you shy?

tell someone else what you want to say to that person and ask them to tell the person what you would have said to them anyway

You offered something to someone three times and he said that he would come and get it but he hasn't now someone else would like it do you tell him or just let that person have it?

Be honest, straightforward, and put him on the spot. Ask one last time and let him know someone else is interested and he should tell you right then and there if he wants it - yes or no. You should have your answer after that.

What if the person you love is in love with someone else?

Then you can tell them if they are available. If they are with someone else then it would be best to not share your feelings for that person out loud. You will be the one that is hurt in the end, unfortunately. Good luck!

How do you tell someone you love that your in love with someone else?

Just tell them the truth. Say that it isn't them it's you and that you can still be friends, but i found someone else, and then apologize. ~kellly101

You are in a relationship but want to be with someone else what do you do?

simply tell the person you are in a relationship with that you are intrested in someone else and just be honest with them and tell them how you really feel.

What does the quote go tell it on the mountains mean?

tell it to someone else?

How can you tell if someone dating someone else?

Ask them?

What would say if your boyfriend say what you wanna do?

Why do you want to know what someone ELSE wants? Tell him what YOU want to do!

What does it mean to be someone else in a dream?

You probably want to be someone else. Maybe this dream is trying to tell you that you really are someone else, and you are acting like someone you're not.

What do you do if you got asked out but like someone else?

Tell the guy you asked out that your sorry but you like someone else.

How do you tell a friend you like someone?

Whisper it to them and tell them not to tell anyone else

How do you tell if someone is a virgin?

If you are in an honest relationship they should tell you they have done it with someone else. You can't really tell otherwise.

What does it mean if your boyfriend sleeps with someone else while the two of you are on a break?

I know when I was a few years younger me and my girlfriend went on a break and she slept with someone else. I wanted to kill her and we had been together for sometime and I can tell you this if someone that your with needs to sleep with someone else "on a break" then they need to be broken off completely. I know that it sucks but if he needs to go off with someone else, you need someone else. ;) Answer What it means is that he is cheating on you. You need to do something about it. If my boyfriend wanted a break, i would understand, i mean i would be mad. But if he sleeps with another girl i would break up with him no matter how much i love him. He is treating you wrong and you need to find someone who would treat you better!