Would Ampliclox reduces the chances of getting pregnant?


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Would ampliclox reduce the chance of getting pregnant

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Skipping sugar pills to avoid a period reduces, and does not raise, your risk of getting pregnant on the pill.

nope... you can't wash up that far and the sperm swims fast.

Yes it is still possible but it reduces the chances of it occurring

Using a condom correctly reduces the chances of pregnancy to less than .1%

Alcohol kills brain cells, not sperm cells. However, marijuana reduces sperm counts; as do certain dyes in candy, food, and soda.

Yes, PID reduces your chances of fertility.

The loss of one ovary reduces fertility only by about 50%.

A woman is fertile during ovulation and around a week beforehand when there is fertile cervical mucus present - she cannot get pregnant at any other time of her menstrual cycle. Obviously if she is infertile she cannot get pregnant, and birth control reduces chances of pregnancy.

Being overweight reduces the biochemically work mechanism of the mirena, therefore it will become less effective. The mechanical work mechanism will remain. On the other hand, being overweight in itself reduces the chance of pregnancy a little. With a Mirena IUCD, you have about 1% chance of getting pregnant anyway. If you are overweight, i figure the chances will be a bit higher, but it is impossible to give you an exact number. It will not be helpfull either; will you use more or less protection if your chances are 2% or 5%? Statistics are interesting, but in this case, have little effect on daily life.

unless your ipod is jailbroken your chances of getting a virus is really really low, as almost everything related to the ipods have to go throug apple before we can use it, that reduces the chances of infection to minimum.

Most Birth Control pills are about 99% effective at stopping pregnancy, so the chances are very low.That being said, if you have sex there is always always always the chance that you may become pregnant. If you fear that you may be pregnant contact your doctor immediately. Taking birth control pills while pregnant can damage your embryo and cause devastating birth defects.Note: Always use protection while having sex, even with a devoted partner. It reduces the chance of disease, it's much cleaner, and most importantly reduces chances of unexpected pregnancy. Having a child while not ready can ruin many lives. Be careful, safe and smart.

Well, if you used a condom.. Then that reduces your chances of becoming pregnant. However, nothing is 100%, so i would advise a pregnancy test.

the siple answer is yes. nothing is 100% except abstinance. Being on birth control just reduces your chances of getting pregnant dramatically making it 99% effective. I just say this because I got pregnante with my first while I was on birth control.

Yes. If you take antivirals, that reduces the shedding of the virus so that your partner's chances of getting infected are lower. You can always do IUI also.

It's safer than smoking it. It reduces your chances of getting lung cancer from smoking weed. And you can't overdose on weed; it's pretty much impossible.

it reduces the chances of short circuit and overloading.

There are 3 things that can be harmful if it reduces the organisms for survival and reproduction. The three things are changes in DNA, changes in phenotype and mutation .

"The pill" does not keep you from getting pregnant, it only reduces the probability of getting pregnant. While the probability is GREATLY reduced if you take the pill according to schedule, it is only slightly less effective if you miss one pill occasionally. But it is a higher risk. You have to decide on your level of acceptable risk.

Weight does have an effect on pregnancy. There is actually a higher percentage chance of getting pregnant with twins then at normal weight. But being so severely overweight greatly increases pregnancy risks such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Being so grossly overweight greatly reduces your chances of conceiving and as the answer above states it greatly increases pregnancy risks. A BMI of 19-25 gives the greatest chance of conceiving, being at the upper end of this range increases the chances of twins not having a BMI of 47 (if you are 5'7", higher if you are shorter, lower if you are taller but still grossly obese)

Reduces chances of preferred treatment to any district

reduces the chances of revolution and war

It is occasionally, but it has a relatively small coastline so that reduces its chances of a direct hit.

In humans - there are many moral and biological problems associated with inbreeding. In animals, inbreeding reduces genetic diversity (which reduces variation and evolutionary potential), and dramatically increases the chances of disorders.

if you have sex and don't take birth control, you may get pregnant. Birth control reduces the risk of pregnancy.

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