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Only if the pieces were of cake.

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Would an Aries and a Capricorn be a good couple?

An Aries - Capricorn relationship will tend to be difficult.

Do Aries and Leo's make a good couple?

It varies from couple to couple. Some do, some don't.

Does Aries and Aries make a good couple?

They're too much alike, and they often lock horns.

Would a Sagittarius and Aries make a good couple?

Well, based on my experience,I say yes. My friend is an Aries, and her husband is a Sagittarius. They have been married for 18 years.

What month is Aries sign and what are good matches for Aries?

aries is in april. good matches for aries would be the other fire signs, sagittarius and leo.

Does Gemini and Aries make a good couple?

Gemini and Aries can make a good couple as long as Aries does not try to rule Gemini and Gemini understand Aries need for closeness. Both signs tend to be cerebral and do a lot of over-analyzing, both love the ability to study and their interests are varied and many. However, Aries likes to be in control and Gemini runs from control.

Are Leo and Virgo a good couple?

Leo can be good with Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius. But there are always exceptions.

What does Aries look like?

Aries have a good smile, libra and Aries have good looks.

Aries Ox and Sagitarius dog make good couple?

noone know if they are a good couple because it depends on how the two person react to each other then ull know.

What pieces should one get for a starter set of cookware?

The most necessary pieces of cookware are good easily cleanable pots. Also, a couple good ceramic bowls and a couple of forks and knives will go a long way.

Is diamond good for Aries?

The diamond is ruled by Aries, so yes it can be seen as a good choice of gemstone for those with the Sun sign Aries.

Beyonce and Chris Brown make a good couple?

Yes Chris Brown and Beyonce would make a good couple. They would make a cute couple.

Do Virgo make a good cople with Aries?

Virgo and Aries tend to have a turbulent relationship.

Do Aries and Gemini get on?

If you mean by compatibility?.. Then yes. Gemini and Aries are a very good match.

Is Aries good match with Gemini?

Yes... Gemini (Air) feeds Aries (Fire)

Are Aries and Pisces good partners?

Generaly speaking an Aries - Pisces relationship tends to be Harmonious.

Are Aries and Cancer a good match?

No. My father is an Aries and my Mother is a Cancer and they ended up divorced.

Would Saggi and Libra make a good couple?

A saggi and a libra need not make a good couple.

Will Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus make a good couple?

I think they would make a good couple

Would Brady and Mikayla A good couple on Pair of Kings?

Of Course!! they are SOOO a good couple. they should get married!!

Do Gemini and Aries go good together?

Generally speaking a Gemini - Aries relationship tends to be harmonious.

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