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the allies did not make Jews label their stores as Jewish, so the POWs would not know that it was a Jewish store.

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Q: Would German POWs have be hesitant to enter a Jewish store during world war 2?
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Why did the Nazis form a boycott against Jewish shopkeepers and service?

The American Jewish Congress was about to boycott German products (against the wishes of German Jews), in protest against the anti-Jewish measures enacted by the German government. Whether or not the Nazi boycott would have happened eventually anyway is not known, but the (privately run) paper 'Der Sturmer' had its own campain of 'naming and shaming' those who used Jewish shops.

Why were Jewish people persecuted during world war 2?

Well the German were facing political and economic troubles. Hitler blamed Jewish people for these problems. So Hitler convince the people that by persecuting the Jewish people this would fix there problem.I just learned it in school just so you know I am not making it up LOL =D

What area would the Jewish sleep during the Holocaust?

concentration camps or death camps

Why couldn't the Jewish people claim that they were not Jewish in World War 2?

The German bureaucracy had paperwork that goes back for at least a century that would indicate that a person was Jewish. German birth certificates usually list your family's religion. The Nazis, additionally, made people carry around identification cards showing that they were Jewish. In many instances, the Nazis had more knowledge about Jewish heritage than the Germany citizenry and would go to the houses of Christians who had at least one Jewish grandparent and inform them of their Jewish heritage before carting them away.

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