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Would I qualify for low income housing on my salary?


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I found a great website that will definitely answer your question! The website is called [ ] Explore the whole site and there is a section that talks about if people qualify for low income housing.

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For Low Income housing you would want to contact the court house and DCF and try and get onto the Section 8 list for low income housing another way you can qualify is to contact DCF and talk to them about applying for the low income housing and they will tell you where the low income housing are in your area.

It depends on what type of social worker you are refering to. You would need to contact the local housing authority to find out how you apply and if you qualify for low income housing.

Most of the time, you qualify based on your income and number of dependents. If you should marry, increase your income or no longer have custody of children you will likely loose the housing.

Not just anyone can get income-based apartments, since it is geared toward low-income people and families. You would be required to provide your income information to prove that you qualify to live in a low-income housing.

no you may not If you have no earned income, you would not qualify for the earned income credit.

Yes any income that you work for would be earned income.

Your income tax rate would depend on what you salary is at. Someone at a entry level job would expect a rate of about 15% of the salary as income tax.

Housing authorities do not determine what type of disability would qualify you for a voucher or public housing. Either you are disabled, per Social Security guidelines, or you are not. Additionally, housing authorities do not consider disabilities alone as a qualifier for section 8 housing.

If you have a felony on your criminal history can you still qualify for a government grant

Mississauga Housing is able to provide low income housing services to low income families. Mississauga provides shelter to those who would otherwise be unable to provide housing for themselves.

If you had miscellaneous income from working for an individual and received a 1099misc form would this income qualify for the earned income credit??

In order to determine what programs you would qualify for, you could do some online research to find housing offers for you and your family. I program I would recommend would be Assist Living. This program aids people who are currently making less than 35,000.00.

In your situation you probably would want to file the federal 1040 income tax return because you could possibly qualify for some of the tax credits if you qualify for them and IF this income is qualified earned income for the tax credit purpose.

No. Because you were in total control of your business/income and therefore not an out of work wage earner, you would not qualify for unemployment.

To qualify for a business mortgage, or a commercial mortgage loan, you would first need to qualify in terms of credit. You would also need to be able to fulfill terms of repayment through proof of income.

Sure you can as long as you qualify for the unemployment compensation. Your wife's income would not have any thing to do with it.

The Washington Low Income Housing Alliance would be a great place to start, as well as the Seattle Housing Authority.

There are plenty of apartment buildings that subsidize housing. You need to apply directly at the apartment complex that you're interested in. yes

Catholic priests in the U.S. are paid an average yearly salary of $40,000 according to stats of Nov. 2010. In addition, a priest will receive rectory housing, healthcare, and a vehicle stipend. I will assume that a priest in Portugal will receive similiar salary depending on his order, education, and location of where he is assigned. And that salary would be in Euros.

You can't go wrong with section eight housing if you qualify. They will pay most of the rent. In fact most landlords will take section eight as they are guaranteed most of the rent each month and you would only have to give them a small amount; I would suggest trying to get emergencey housing thru your local welfare office. This type of housing will have a very small rent if any at all.

The average disposable income would be of approximately US$5,837.

Yes, they do have low income housing in every state. It is based off your income, and your bills are also calculated based on this number. You would have to show your tax info.

Your local housing office would be able to help with this enquiry. Also, private landlords and housing associations could offer a variety of low cost housing.

When you qualify for the earned income tax credit and you have the qualified taxable earned income of 1 to 50 you can get 2 of earned income tax credit. And it also possible that could qualify for some of the making work pay tax credit. This would only happen when your income tax return is completely correctly.

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