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Q: Would Luke Benward go out with a non famous girl?
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Who is Luke Benward's girl friend?

hey this is the only and real luke benward but i had a girlfriend but its over so I'm single

What is Luke Benward's dream girl?

Miranda Cosgrove

Does Luke Benward have girl friend?

No because he cannot date until he is older.

Does luke benward like a girl younger than him?

He likes olivia holt

Luke Benward's girl type?

like Anna Sophia robb the perfect gurl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is Luke Benward's date?

He is dating a girl named Kaylee Nielsen from Grand Island, NE.

Is luke benward gay?

I'm pretty shure hes not, I really want to be his friend. I am a nice brown haired girl, I also have blue eyes. So Luke Benward if you are reading this please join and add TyJordan. If you cant join and add TyJordan. Thanks Luke Benward

Would luke denward date a black girl?

first of all its luke benward. second of all even though i am overly obsessed with luke i am not sure if he would date a black girl but even though i dont agree with it my best guess would be no. sorry but dont take my word for it

Does luke benward have a girl friend?

yes he does her name is Christine elson i think she has a youtube called lukebenwarbaby

Was Luke Benward in concrete angel?

Yes, he was the little boy who was friends with the abused girl. He is the "guardian angel".

Who played in the concrete angel music video?

The little girl in the music video whose name is Angela Carter was played by Noel Wiggins. The little boy that the that the girl befriends is Luke Benward. Luke Benward also plays Charlie Tuttle in the Disney Channel Movie, Minutemen.

What kind of girl does Luke Benward like?

cute ones like 11 year olds not ugly people like you out there

What type of girl does Luke Benward like?

He likes girls who are not afraid to be silly, who show who they truly are, and where they came from! :) Straight edge girls.

What does Luke Benward like his girlfriends to look like?

Its luke i have a girl friend and she is a redhead (natural blonde though) shes 5'4" and she has BEAUTIFUL blue eyes shes amazing.

Luke Benward love julie-anne?

Sorry, to tell yall but Luke cant date tell he's older. His parents have made that a rule. And who could blame them with as cute a son they have they would have every girl on the planet on their doorstep!

Does Luke Benward like dominicans that are girls?


Would Luke Benward date you?

look to tell you the truth he may it all depends on what type of girl he likes and even if it isnt want you are then dont try to change your self because a guy should like you for you

What does Luke Benward look for in a girl?

He looks for an honest open soul. He looks for kind girls, nice girls and all things that appeal under the Nice Column.

What type of girls does Luke Benward like?

As you can see, Luke Benward looks at himself and thinks he's a normal teenager. But he is DEAD WRONG. Anyways, he looks at a girl like any boy would. He is looking for a sweet, smart, and sensative girl that has NEVER cheated on a boy before. Like most boys, he does like a girl that is girly. Good Luck! :) Hey it's Luke and I am normal thank you>:( haha anyway yeah that's sorta right but she doesn't HAVE to be girly my current girlfriend is a tomboy and its awesome we play video games and football yet we can just be boyfriend and girlfriend and sometimes that's all I really want :)

Would justin bieber date a famous girl?

He is dating a famous girl.

What type of girl does luke hemmings like?

Luke Hemming's would probably like a girl that is attractive, funny, and is kind. Luke has a dog named Molly, and his celebrity crush is Mila Kunis.

What is the Cast of concrete angel?

The little boy is Luke Benward. The little girl is named Noel Wiggins. She was six years old in that video. Now she is fourteen. Find her on YouTube by typing in "Noel Wiggins" or "noieismyname"

Who plays Luke in Gossip Girl?

Luke Kleintank plays Elliot in "Gossip Girl".

Is Luke a girl's name?

No, Luke is a boy's name.

Where does Luke Benward come from?

well he goes out with a girl called abbie jenkins and she is English and he goes down to England to visit her alot but sometimes she goes up to Tennessee to see him aswell as she has a lot of money they have been going out for about 1 year