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Would Myxercom give your computer a virus?

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it depends on who is playing it...if it is a hacker than yes

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It is very unlikely you would get a virus from there.

Speekonia does not give your computer a virus and it is designed in a way that will not give your computer any malware.

Yes. It has some downloads to it that will give a virus to your computer.

No, World of Warcraft will not give your computer a virus.

Any website can give you a computer virus. But I highly doubt that gave you a virus.

no it don't give virus anymore

No, Zune will not give your computer a virus.

No twitter can not give your computer a virus are you all stupid and i really love to masturbate who else

Microsoft voices do not give your computer a virus but make sure not to open other apps that may crash your computer.

zwinky will give you a virus on your computer. it won't give you a virus if you stay on it for a few minutes. you will get a virus if you stay on it for hours.

You can find the virus timeline on wikipedia what is wikipedia?If you google the keywords "wikiepeda" the first link on google would give you that information.If you google the keywords "history of computer viruses" this would give you all the documents with the virus timelines.

By attaching a virus to a program, or a file, and then sending that file to another persons computer. If they attempt to open the file, the virus will infect their computer.

I have played and finished arcuz, it will not harm your computer or give it a virus, at worst it will give your computer a hard time because of processing it, but dont worry it will in no way way harm your computer.

Facebook is a virus free social network, so of course yoville wont give you a virus.

No. I can assure you that does NOT give your pc a virus. i always play that game and my computer never had a virus.

I'm guessing that animal jam can not give you a virus, it is a website for kids and u do not download it on your computer. A virus is most likely to happen when you download something on your computer.

I once downloaded mozilla and i gave my computer a virus but I know someone who downloaded it and it didn't give his computer a virus. can give you a virus on your computer dont go to it:)

No. It's a disney game it wont have a virus.

No it does never give a virus ive been playing for 2 months and no virus if you do get a virus then your computer or laptop is bad or it could be your virus protector...

Nope. It cant. Xbox live would not still be legal if it did.

i used it and got Ike 200 trojans, but when i uninstalled it, it would be alright

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