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Would Zevit capsules help reduce darkening of lips?

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No. It will cure it for hair lose and whitness for hair.

2010-09-10 05:34:43
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What are side effects of zevit capsules?

What are the side effects of ZEVIT capsules

Zevit tablet good for hair and skin?

zevit capsules good for healty and skin

What are the side effect of ZEVIT capsules?


Would zevit capsules help weight gain?

No, Zevit is not a drug intended to help people gain weight. This drug is actually used to improve a mans sperm quality when trying to conceive a child.

Are zevit tablets good for hair loss?

Zevit are dietary supplements that contain vitamin b-complex and zinc that come in a capsule form. Zevit is said to be good for hair loss.

What is zevit?

Zevit is classified as a vitamin or mineral and is given to patients who suffer from chronic alcoholism or poor diet.

What is the use of zevit capsule?

The main use of zevit capsule is to provide zinc. This will ensure that the immune system in the body is functioning well and also facilitate proper digestion.

Is Zevit good during pregnancy?

It is a B complex so it is good.

Would Zevit capsules cause continuous hair loss and a group of pimples on your cheeks and which vitamin tablets should you take for this problem?

Take everyday coconut water and its malai. Use coconut in your diet very much. Also one can use aavla juice to great effect. Eat healthy food and not junk food. Don't take stress and Meditate a little in Morning for 5 to 10 minutes. This should help you a lot.

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