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Yes it will operate it fine.

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Q: Would a 30A 240V circuit breaker be too large to safely support a either a 20A or 23A 240V bandsaw?
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Where is the circuit breaker for a 2005 Chevy Venture?

which circuit breaker? either engine compartment or r.h. dashboard panel

How many amps are in a Circuit Breaker Double Pole 60A?

There is no current in a 60A circuit breaker. The above circuit breaker is a 2 pole circuit breaker that will trip when more than 60 AMPS is being drawn through either of the 2 poles.

Why do lights not come on after the circuit breaker has been reset?

Assuming the circuit breaker is good, you have either an open neutral or an open hot wire leading to your lighting circuit.

What does the trip free characteristic of a circuit breaker mean?

A trip free circuit breaker is one that will disconnect a circuit even if the manual switch is held at the "on" position. It is a safety feature to prevent a circuit breaker being disabled either deliberately or accidentally.

Circuit breaker trip cause smoke will homeowner insurance pay for it?

A circuit breaker does not "cause" smoke. A circuit breaker "breaks" a circuit when there is too much current, creating a hazardous condition for the wires that are connected to the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker PROTECTS you from electrical fire. Find the source of the smoke; what burned? If a circuit breaker tripped during the incident, it is usually caused by melting/burning wire insulation, either inside or outside of an appliance. If the insulation inside the walls of your house has burned/melted, it could be that the circuit breaker was too large for the wire or that the circuit breaker failed to shut off at the appropriate current load. If the circuit breaker failed, your insurance should help you. If an appliance overloaded the circuit, your insurance should help you. If someone connected an oversized circuit breaker, causing the wire to overheat, your insurance company may refuse to help you.

What is interlock of Circuit Breaker?

A 240 Volt circuit breaker uses an interlock to shut down BOTH sides of a breaker when either experiences an overload condition. The interlock is essential to prevent electrocution and damage to electrical equipment.

What is the device to break a circuit?

The device used to protect and open (break) a circuit under a fault condition, would be either a fuse or a circuit breaker.

What is a circuit breaker and what is its use?

A circuit breaker is an overcurrent protection device. It is designed to interrupt a circuit in the event of either an overload current (due to too heavy a load) or a short-circuit fault (direct line-to-neutral or line-to-earth fault).

What size circuit breaker for a whirlpool electric range?

generally, an electric range will use either a 30A circuit or a 40A circuit. Check the requirements of the range.

What could be use To provide a motor with current overload protection?

Either a fuse or a circuit breaker.

Why is electric breaker to dyer keeps getting hot and tripping breaker.?

If the circuit breaker to a dryer, or to any load, keeps getting hot and trips the breaker, then either the load is pulling too much current or there is a loose connection in the breaker or breaker panel. Either condition must be fixed to reduce the risk of fire.

Why circuit breakers do not trip even though there is a fault?

If there is a current in excess of rated breaker current and breaker doesn't trip, either the breaker is faulty or the current was transient and very quick and the breaker didn't react.

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