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A red flag deals in red light so it would be red.

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Q: Would a Red flag be White or Red in a Red light?
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Would a Red flag be White Red black or blue in a Red light?

A red flag would appear black in a red light due to the absence of red light wavelengths reflecting off the flag. Red objects typically appear dark or black in red light conditions.

What colour would a blue flag apear in red light?


What colour would a red flag appear in red light?

A red flag would appear red in red light because the color of an object is determined by the light it reflects. In this case, the red flag would reflect red light, making it appear red.

What colour do you see when white light shines on a red and yellow flag?

You would see the colors red and yellow on the flag when white light shines on it. White light contains all the colors in the visible spectrum, so you would see a combination of red, yellow, and possibly other colors depending on the material of the flag.

How does a red object look white in red light?

A red object may appear white in red light because it is reflecting the specific wavelength of red light being shone on it. When only red light is present, it can make other colors appear white because they are not absorbing any other wavelengths of light, causing them to reflect the red light and appear white.

What colour is the UK flag?

White, Blue & Red. The English flag is red and white. The Welsh flag is red and white. The Scottish flag is blue and white

What is the flag color of Switzerland?

The Swiss Flag is a white cross on a white ground. No Switzerland's flag is a white cross with a red background.

What is red green and white as a flag?

the red green and white flag is italys flag

What color would a cucumber appear in green light white light and red light?

A cucumber would appear green in green light, white in white light, and dark in red light as it would absorb most of the red light.

Which county has a flag with 3 horizontal stripes red white and red?

Do you mean red white and green? If so it's the Spanish flag, but a red white and red flag is the Austria flag.

Who has a red and white flag?

Poland, always White and Red. England has a White Flag with an Red Cross on it.

What country flag is white and red?

The flag with white and red stripes is the flag of Poland.