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Yes, it could be, just be peaceful and kind or it might not happen.

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Q: Would a Sagitarius and a Cancer make a good couple?
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Would a Libra and Sagitarius make a good couple?


Would a Sagitarius and a Virgo make a good couple?

They make better friends than lovers.

Are a Cancer boy and a Sagitarius girl compatible?

I'm a Sagitarius girl who had a Cancer boyfriend. He is now an ex, because the relationship ended for parental reasons. But Cancer is mysterious and handsome, and Sagitarius is free spirited and pretty. Don't give up: Good luck!

Would Taurus and Sagitarius make a good couple?

As long as your happy together that's all that matters!! :)

Do sagitarius woman get along with cancer woman?

I am a Sagitarius woman and one of my best friends is a cancer woman. We get along great we always laugh at our stupid jokes and are always having a good time.

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Yes,why not.My guy is a sagitarius & we get along good.

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That shouldn't be what your looking for. The day that someone was born doesn't determine the compatibility of a couple. It should just be if you have the same likes and dislikes, and if you like each other.

Aries Ox and Sagitarius dog make good couple?

noone know if they are a good couple because it depends on how the two person react to each other then ull know.

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