Cancer (zodiac sign)

Cancer (June 21 to July 22) is one of the 12 zodiac signs that outline human personalities based on birth dates.

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Cancer (zodiac sign)

Do Cancer's and Leo's make a good couple?

I believe they do since Leo is ruled by the sun and cancer is ruled by the moon. They might have there differences but the sun can’t live with out the moon and moon without the sun ❤️

Cancer (zodiac sign)

How do you make a Cancerian woman jealous?

By flirting with other women.

Cancer (zodiac sign)

What star sign is best suited for a Cancer?

The star signs best suited for a Cancer would be Scorpio and Pisces.

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Cancer (zodiac sign)

Signs of a bad thermostat?

Thermostat stuck closed, engine overheating, temp gauge running very hot.

Thermostat stuck open, little or no heat from heater, temp gauge not moving much off of cold mark.

Cancer (zodiac sign)

What is markesh in astrology?

Markesh in Astrology is the killer planet. It is the lord of second house and seventh house. However there may be other Marak (death inflicting) planets also apart from Markesh. These planets do not kill a native in their periods until he / she has not completed his age or there are other malefic combination. Rather they give financial prosperity also.

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Cancer (zodiac sign)

Should a Cancer female marry a Taurus male?

It depends. If they love each other and are both ready to make a lifetime commitment to each other, then yes. However if she puts more faith in superstition than actually examining their relationship, then I would suggest that he stear clear.

Cancer (zodiac sign)

What does the zodiac Cancer stand for?

The sign Cancer in the Zodiac represents a water element which encourages intuition, emotion and nurturing as some of its positive traits.

Cancer (zodiac sign)

Is a Cancer woman and Virgo man a good match?

They are a good match yes, but Capricorn and Taurus are better for Virgo and Scorpio and Pisces are better suited for Cancer, but yes generally Cancer and Virgo work pretty well.

Cancer (zodiac sign)

How can a Cancer man make a Scorpio woman love him?

You can't force love, no matter what the stars say.

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Cancer (zodiac sign)

What are the twelve signs of the Zodiac?

The signs represent constellations through which the Sun apparently moves during the celestial year. People are classified to a sign based primarily on their birth date, but are said to be connected to other signs of a given type (e.g. water signs, fire signs).

The 12 Commonly-known signs (beginning with Spring) are:

Aries (the ram) March 21-April 19

Taurus (the bull) April 20-May 20

Gemini (the twins) May 21-June 21

Cancer (the crab) June 22-July 22

Leo (the lion) July 23-August 22

Virgo (the virgin) August 23-September 22

Libra (the scales) September 23-October 22

Scorpio (the scorpion) October 23 - November 21

Sagittarius (the archer) November 22-December 21

Capricorn (the goat) December 22-January 19

Aquarius (the water bearer) January 20-February 18

Pisces (the fish) February 19-March 20

*There are actually 13 signs of the Zodiac. For some reason Astrology does not recognize 'Ophiuchus' which like the other 12 Zodiacal constellations, contains the Sun during the year.

The date that Ophiuchus would represent on the calendar would be November 30th - December 18th.

There are not 13 signs of the zodiac in Western Astrology as the tropical zodiac is used not the siderial zodiac. The constellations are not used, the zodiac signs were named after the constellations.

Cancer (zodiac sign)

What does the zodiac symbol Cancer mean?

THE Zodiacal Sign of Cancer commences on June 21st, but for days it does not come into full power until on or about June 28th. From this date onwards it is In full strength until July 20th, and is then for seven days gradually losing its strength on account of becoming overlapped by the "cusp" of the incoming sign Leo.

Such people are easily hurt by the slights of others. These are very complex people, sometimes appearing extremely strong and at other times to be as vulnerable as a child.

These people are remarkably good at accumulating things; indeed, they can be unwilling to throw anything out, even relationships that have passed their use-by date. They are generally over-anxious in financial matters, and make great efforts to gather in money; as a rule, they have unusual ups and downs in their early life and so they are compelled to work to keep ahead, but once they get on their feet they keep there. If channeled in the right direction, their enormous sensitivity can become a great source of strength. Once they overcome their touchiness and master their turbulent emotions, their intellect and imagination enable them to become a success in almost anything they undertake.

The main problem for them is to remember not to let the powerful, turbulent emotions of the moment crowd out their normally rational judgment. Their intuitions are reliable and should be trusted.

They are generally gifted with strong imaginations, and it is very easy for them to become excellent artists, writers, composers, or musicians. At heart they are romantic and of a very loving and affectionate disposition.

On the other hand these people are perhaps the most sensitive natures from any other class of people and if aren't recognized they quickly give up or get depressed and melancholy. Above all, they require encouragement and appreciation. Their deep sensitivity presents them with valuable and illuminating intuitions, especially regarding those they care for.

They often make excellent psychics, and usually have a yearning after the mysterious.

They should never marry young, for their nature seems to change at different stages of life.

People born in this part of the year often reach very high exalted positions. In their home lives, however, they usually go through a great deal of trouble, and are seldom surrounded by happiness, no matter how successful they may appear in the eye of the world.

Such people have deep love for what they call "their own people," for family customs and for tradition.

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Cancer - The Sign of the Crab The people born under the sign of cancer are very timid and are afraid of refusal more, than all other marks even summarized together. However, they are ambitious . Their way to success is similar with their symbol Cancer. They advance slow towards their aim, and then at the most unexpected moment they grasp the victim and just like a cancer strong holding it and do not let off. The moon operates the woman, and the men - cancer are not very aggressive in love . However, they create an attractive facade of naivety, that compels the woman to make the first step.


People who were born in this sign are the ones to whom others turn with problems, worries and life choice concerns. Despite their ability to support and nurture their pals, it is pretty difficult for them to make friends. This may be because they take friendship seriously and don't bother to indulge superficial associations. Their affections or friendships last longest with those who are born in their own period, June 21 to July 20-27, or from October 21 to November 20-27, or from February J9 to March 20-27.


They are chiefly inclined towards gastric troubles, and they must be extremely careful in regard to shellfish and such things. Inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatism, are also likely to attack them, and trouble with the legs and feet. Physical fitness or sports activities can become important ways for you to work out emotional stress. Team sports are fun, for them can adopt team members as part of an extended family.


The colors most in harmony for them are all shades of green, and cream and white.


The birth stones most favorable for this period are pearls, diamonds, opals, crystals and moonstones.

Cancer (zodiac sign)

Can a Cancerian wear a blue shappire birth stone?


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Cancer (zodiac sign)

What is the personality of the birth signs zodiac and cancer?

I can't tell from your question what you're implying, but "zodiac" isn't an astrological sign, but I can tell you about Cancer.

Cancer - the Crab (June 21 to July 22)

  1. Symbol: The Crab
  2. Ruling Planet: The Moon
  3. Ruling House: Fourth House
  4. Element: Water
  5. Quality: Cardinal
  6. Keyword: HOME
  7. Compatible With: Scorpio, Pisces
  8. NOT Compatible With: Aries, Libra
  9. Jobs: Chef, nursery school teacher
  10. Lucky colors are silver and white
  11. Metal: Silver
  12. Lucky day is Friday
  13. Lucky numbers are 8 and 3
  14. Best location for success is: near or on water.

Cancerian are very maternal and "home-oriented". Some words to describe crabs are: nurturing, domestic, emotional, moody, tenacious, strong-willed, gentle, kind, protective, sensitive, retentive, resourceful, self-contained, security oriented, warm, sympathetic, patriotic, sentimental, loving, touchy, clingy, over-protective

The water form of Cancer is a torrent.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign. Those who have Cardinal signs are associated with initiation and creativity.

Cancer is a water sign, and water represents "human feelings and man's ability to love and sustain." Water signs are sensitive, secretive, intuitive, learned, and moody. This element represents growth and spirit.

Cancer Positive TraitsLoving and Emotional

Shrewd and cautious

Sensitive and nurturing

Intuitive as well as imaginative

Sympathetic and Protective

Cancer Negative TraitsIndecisive and moody

Over-emotional and sensitive

Clinging and possessive

Cancer (zodiac sign)

Does Cancer cheat?

Well they don't. They are known to be fiercely loyal and believe in life-long commitments. Again, position of other planets have to be considered but the sun in cancer itself creates a ground for legendary loyalty and commitment. If venus and mars are not in any fire or air signs, then there shouldn't even be any doubts regarding their commitment.

Cancer (zodiac sign)

In Zodiac signs are two Cancers compatible?

In essence, yes and no. It takes a Cancer to truly understand a Cancer. Cancers are very compatible; however, if one of the Cancers is insecure or hides in their shell...the consequences can be disastrous.

In my experience, if two Cancers are together and are very open and honest about themselves, then an amazing and magnificent compatiblity will blossom. The passion and creativity of the Cancer accent each other and keeps the relationship vivid and strong.

But, the Cancer is easily hurt. When that happens, the Cancer is dangerously volatile. Cross us once and we relinquish a fate ten-fold. Forgive, but NEVER forget mentality. If the Cancer dwells on that past hurt during a new relationship, the other Cancer will become hurt as well. Thus, the combative nature of the crabs commmences.

It's a match like no other when two Cancers come together. The Love and Compassion is endless. They truly become one and united in a beautiful and powerful relationship. But if one is jaded or extremely emotional...then it's best to steer clear.

Quite compatible, but a little dull. But if you want compatibility over excitement, this works well.

Cancer (zodiac sign)

Where can you view pictures of the different signs of the Zodiac?

Please go onto: Type in: Pictures of the different signs of the Zodiac

Cancer (zodiac sign)

Is a Cancer boy and Capricorn girl compatible?

Yes, some definitely are, and the rest aren't. Anybody who gives you an answer to this question is conning you. Scientific investigation has never produced any reliable evidence that human relationships show any consistent association with astrological phenomena.

Cancer (zodiac sign)

What zodiac sign for July 19?

Cancer. For more info go to...

Cancer (zodiac sign)

What is the lucky color in the year of the dragon?


Cancer (zodiac sign)

Is Scorpio woman and Cancer man a good match?


Cancer (zodiac sign)

Is Cancer and Scorpio a good love match?

It depends on the people, but in my theory (being a Scorpio myself), yes. It's one of the greatest unions in the zodiac. Scorpio loves to feel appreciated for doing things for people, and who better to appreciate a person than a Cancer? So with Cancer's motherly tendencies around the home and around people helps Scorpio feel like home is safe. The only time it ever turns ugly is when Cancer starts complaining to a point where they start to whine. Scorpio won't deal with weakness, so Cancer has to be strong enough to support itself. But other than that, it's a match made in heaven.


It truly does depend honestly. Though everyone in astrology always says this is one the best matches because of their complimentary characteristics, this can actually be a volatile relationship. There are other better suited matches for sensitive cancer, I believe. Yes, it is true that both are 'sensitive' signs, the type of sensitive is completely different. A Scorpio temperament and a Cancer temperament, are completely different. And I don't know why astrologers don't address this. The compatability is based off of the assumption that the Cancer will "submit" and be "nurturing" to Scorpio while the Scorpio will be dominating, and take care of home. Further more, this notion of "Scorpio" strength is actually a really, really bad trait. We are human, just like anyone else. Get afraid, just like anyone else. And oftentimes, can be very insecure in ourselves. This is the truth. Not just of us, but of all humans.

Astrology is not a straight shot. Each sign, based on the chart of the individual, is working towards a certain evolutionary goal. I personally don't think this is a match made in heaven. In fact, I believe most matches with the same 'sign' (fire and fire, water and water...etc) while providing a certain level of comfort and familiarity, they are not matches made in heaven. Life is is about evolution, change, and growth.

Thus, don't make your relationship decisions on this notion that these two signs in particular are right. Both signs express the 'rumored characteristics' VERY differently, and you might wind up disappointed. Furthermore, you might end up getting with someone because you think he/she is loyal because of the 'zodiac' and they are really quite awful. Do you want to place your bets on that? Of course not.

Cancer (zodiac sign)

Are a Scorpio woman and a cancer man compatible?

In some cases they are compatible but others not so much. Scorpio often find they are more attracted to other Scorpios, but bare that in mind. You should be fine with a cancer.

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Cancer (zodiac sign)

Your star is Cancer and you want to know about your star?

Cancer is the sign of the end of June and beginning of July. Look in the sky a night for a CRAB

Cancer (zodiac sign)

Is a Taurus boy and Cancer girl compatible?

Of course! They were meant to be together!

Cancer (zodiac sign)

What birth month is cancer zodiac sign?

From June 21 to July 22.


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