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Q: Would a defective battery cause your car to not accelerate?
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What would cause the battery to overcharge?

Defective voltage regulator.

What would cause you gages to malfunction would a weak battery in a vehicle cause this?

A weak battery, loose/broken wires making a short, defective sensors that monitor what the gauges are displaying

What would be the causes for the car battery light to stay on?

Malfunction in the charging system. Most obvious cause is a defective alternator.

What would cause car gauges to shake?

COmputer, loose battery, defective battery/volt amps or loose wiring harness/ wires grounding out somewhere

What would cause a 1994 Oldsmobile 88 royal engine not to turn over?

dead battery, defective starter motor, defective ignition switch. Or it can be loose or corroded wiring.

What would cause a 1992 Honda Accord to not turn over?

Dead battery, defective starter or ignition switch. Loose connection.

What would cause a Mitsubishi space wagon engine not to start and not even turn over?

Dead battery, bad starter, or defective ignition switch.

Does a defective senor cause a car to shake and battery to die out?

There are many sensor in today's vehicles, none of which would cause that. I suspect you have a charging system failure possibly a bad alternator.

What could cause your Porsche cayenne to lose charge of the battery daily?

Either the battery is defective and has a dead cell or something is on which is pulling power from the battery every night.

5 things that could cause an abnormal drain on the battery?

Dead cell in the battery. A light on anywhere on the vehicle. A relay that is stuck. Defective alternator.

Can cold weather cause a battery light to come on?

No, the battery light comes on when there is a problem with the charging system. More than likely the alternator is defective.

Why does the battery light stay on the 1998 mercury mountaineer focus after the battery has been replaced?

One possible cause is a defective alternator, Have the charging system checked.

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