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Would a faulty ABS module lead to my 1999 Passat stalling?

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βˆ™ 2008-03-07 22:57:09

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I don't see how. The ABS system is designed to fall safe, ie, off.

2008-03-07 22:57:09
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Why would 2 injectors not pulse?

Your computer or Module is faulty.

Why would your car stop while driving?

A faulty fuel pump could do that or a faulty timing belt (if equipped) could also do that. If it is a Ford, it could be the ignition module too.

Why would the daytime running lights and highbeams not work?

faulty drl module Check the fuse.The fuse may be blown

Can Faulty oil level Sensory In a 2001 vw Passat cause the oil pressure light to come on?

No, it would cause the "low oil" light to come on.

What would cause a missfire in a 1999 Pontiac Firebird if you change the plugs and the wires?

A faulty ignition coil or module can cause misfiring.

Your Mitsubishi magna advance is not running well splattering while driving and stalling when you come to a stop and you have changed all plugs and leads?

check your fuel pump, alot of magnas had faulty fuel pumps and due to your car stalling and splattering would be due to the fuel pump.

What would cause a car to lose power and jerk when slowing down after driving a couple of hours followed by stalling?

Even though this problem can be caused by many things, here are a few possibilities; 1. Bad ignition control module 2. bad crankshaft position sensor 3. fuel pump is going bad and/or clogged fuel filter 4. faulty electronic control module(ecm/computer)-more than likely not this but still a possibility

No power what would cause power no to the ac compressor on a 2000 ford escort?

Low freon charge and faulty CCRM (Constant Control Relay Module).

What could cause your 1994 Honda Prelude to not get spark from the coil?

Either the coil is bad or the ignition control module is bad.I would think the coil is faulty.

Why would the fans on your 1997 neon not come on?

What are the symptoms of a faulty idle air control valve?

A faulty IAC will cause stalling problems at idle. Most of the time if you hold the gas pedal down it will run fine. Be careful because these symptoms can come from an EGR valve that is stuck open aswell. If you have a fast idle i would look for a intake leak.

How do I get in my car when I Have locked keys in boot of vw passat help?

That would depend on the year of your Passat. What year is it?1997

Would a faulty thermostat cause the engine to shut down then hours later the vehicle will restart?

doubt that a t-stat would cause a car to shut down and restart when cold check for an ignition module proublem

What do you think about electronic hand brake on a vw passat?

My 2006 VW Passat has electronic emergency brake. It was already broken down twice. It would not release. The second time they had to replace the caliper and module an this repair cost me $1700. I'm in the market for a new car and will NEVER purchase a car that has an electronic emergency brake design.

How old is Carl Stalling?

Carl Stalling was born on November 10, 1891 and died on November 29, 1972. Carl Stalling would have been 81 years old at the time of death or 123 years old today.

What would cause a 2004 Ford Taurus to hesitate and jerk during acceleration?

You must run the OBD codes to find out for sure, but sounds like a faulty ignition module or a plugged fuel filter

What would make your Impala emergency flasher button buzz when you use the blinkers or emergency flasher?

The module in the dash is for the turn signals and hazard flashers. It is the flasher unit for both so since this occurs when using either system i suspect the module itself is is a common part that fails on these.

What are some of the problems you would expect with a used Volkswagen Passat?

A few problems you would expect with a used Volkswagen Passat are problems with the fuel system, braking system, and engine.

Would a bad egr cause stalling?

It could.It could.

What would make the radiator fan stop working on neon?

A faulty fan motor, A faulty fan motor relay, A faulty coolant temp sensor, A faulty ECM, (most unlikely),

Can putting a pickup part in the distributor cap help with the engine stalling?

Usually if the pickup goes it won't start. Year, Make, Model, Engine size would help here. Module & coil are popular also. When does it stall? Hot? cold? Idle?

What would cause your dishwasher not ot drain if the hose are all clean?

A faulty pump, a faulty switch, a faulty release valve on the drain pipe.

How would you know the abs module is bad?

Certain codes would lead to a bad ABS module.

What would cause the doors not to unlock windows not to roll down door in 2005 Pontiac Bonneville?

either a blown fuse or bad wiring and even possibly a bad control module or a partially faulty one too.

Would a dirty air filter cause stalling?

It can if its dirty enough. Spend ten bucks and replace it to see if your stalling goes away. Replaced mine today and its purrin.