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I personally don't like the term "slut" because human beings are extremely complicated and each individual has their issues. She could be looking for love in all the wrong places. Some young women haven't had a loving relationship with either their mother, father or both. Sometimes young women are looking to replace that gap of lack of love by sleeping with different men.

There are some women that are very sexual and seem to need sex a great deal of the time, but, that's OK with a partner you are either going with or your husband. Sleeping around with different guys isn't a good idea with the high stats of sexually transmitted diseases.

If you were smart enough to ask this question then you are smart enough to know you should slow down, think about your own needs a little more (nix the sex while doing this) and find out what you are really searching for. Are you a pleaser? Do you feel that the only way you can feel love is by having sex with guys? Do you believe that if you give sex so openly that you'll be more popular? The answer of yes to any of these questions is a problem. You need to break-down why you feel this way. Love just isn't about sex, but having a faithful relationship with a boyfriend or husband. It's about communication, honesty, sharing your hopes and dreams and being active together and then sex comes into the picture.

I don't think you're a slut at all, but I do think you need to sit up and fly right! Start questioning yourself as to why you are this way and if you are as smart as I think you are then you'll come up with the answer.

Good luck

answerwell. umm. i am a girl and i wouldn't really consider you a slut, but i don't know about guys! I lost it when i was 13, it really just depends on your maturity at a young age and if you really like the person answerOh wait, i misread ur question. 8 people in about one year? yeah. slut. but. I don't know it could be worse right? i have a best friend who sleeps w/ 3 or 4 diff. guys in a week. and is 15 and has been with 30 + people
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Who was the first member of one direction to lose their virginity?

Im guessing Harry styles. He slept with 6 girls and he's only 19!

If you were 50 years old how many hours would you have slept total?

It depends,if you slept an average of 8 hours a night you would have slept about 146,000 hours at the age of 50.

What are the nouns and pronouns in the sentence Doomore the dinosaur slept in a cave?

For the sentence: "Doomore the dinosaur slept in a cave.", Doomore and dinosaur would be the only nouns. There are no pronouns in this sentence, unless you changed "slept in a cave" to "slept in his cave" or "slept in its cave".

What does como dormiste mean?

As written "Como dormiste" would be "as you slept" or "like you slept". If you were to use "¿Cómo dormiste?" it would be "How did you sleep?"

How can you fake your virginity for a guy?

Just say you are a virgin. Act like it is a new and totally unexplored experience. It should be easy unless you have slept with 100 men and have a really stretched out vagina

How do you say would have slept better with you too in French?

I would have slept better with you too is 'moi aussi j'aurai mieux dormi avec toi' in French.

Is slept a verb?

Yes, slept is a verb. Take the sentence, She slept. What is your subject? She. What did she do? She slept. Slept is an action word. That is the action that she performed. She slept. It is a verb.

What makes you tired?

in greek mythology they used to say that they slept because the evil Greek gods would come and take them hostage, if they slept the gods would leave them

Can you sleep with the power balance bands on?

Why not? There is no evidence that they do anything to begin with. It would be the same thing as if you slept with a regular bracelet.... or if you slept with your socks on.

How do you make sentence of word 'slept'?

yesterday when you slept

How do you say slept in french?

The verb Dormir is to sleep in french so slept would just be the past tense form of the verb. The past tense of dormir is Dormi. Example: J'ai dormi (I slept)

How would slaves use the restroom?

They used the restroom where the slept...

Is virat kohli virgin?

No Virat Kohli is not virgin. He lost his virginity at age of 18 to his Delhi girlfriend. And now he's 23, and has slept about 10 times more than his age. He may be gay, or bisexual

If you slept for 20years how long would you have to live?

You would have to live at least 20 years.

What is a good agony aunt story?

I waited for her to go to sleep. As she dreamt those beautiful dreams, I pressed my hands onto her lips. I held her nose together and waited the seconds needed, where she would be gasping for air. She slept. And slept. Until, " Happy Birthday Aunt Joe!" She cringed. "Oh my, you almost scared me to death."

I have noticed that the skin under my eyes are almost always dark like I look under-slept. Are there any common causes to this or common remedies or solutions to this?

This is because the blood vein has burst & clotted just under the layer of skin under your eye. It's common & a cure would be a cream, or foundation!

Is Jason from True Blood gay?

No, Jason Stackhouse is a notorious womanizer who has slept with almost every woman in Bon Temp.

How long did john slept if he went to bed at 940 pm and got up at 720am?

In my calculations he would have slept 6 hours and 40 minutes.

Where did Jesus sleep?

Christ would have slept at any home where the house hold offered Him a bed for the night. No doubt He also slept under the stars.

How do you use slept in a sentence?

I once slept in the Lincoln bedroom at the White House. I slept through the movie. We slept through the earthquake. I slept over at a friends house. ect.

Is ABC anchor Dan Harris gay?

I have not slept with him, but would consider it.

What was the size of the beds that the concentration camp prisoners slept in?

They slept in beds . They slept in beds .

If Isaac Newton had slept under a coconut palm would you ever hear about him?

No, it would have killed him!

If your period was supposed to be on 9 feb and you slept with someone on 8 feb when would your baby be due?

31st OCtober, providing you conceived the day you slept with this person

How many years have you slept if you are 75 years old?

You would have slept about 24 years total since you were born. At least have 24 years or 220,000 hours.