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It would probably not be accurate since it is testing for the hormone HCG and you should wait until your period is due in anther 2 weeks to test again for accurate results

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Is there an accurate pregnancy test to take when on your period?

any pregnancy test would be accurate. Your period does not change the results of a pregnancy test. ~pawsalmighty

Can you take a pregnancy test if you are on your period and would it still be accurate?

If you are on your period is unlikely you are pregnant. Ask your GP if you are concerned.

Since periods during pregnancy ARE possible when would be a good time to take a pregnancy test Would one taken during a period be accurate?

If you're period is normal then its highly unlikely you're pregnant. But you can do a pregnancy test 3 weeks after conception.

After you conceive when is a pregnancy test accurate if you don't know your missed period?

2 weeks after sex at the earliest, but I would leave it a bit longer, maybe another 1 or 2 weeks after that

If I had a period since last intercourse three weeks ago would the pregnancy test I took be accurate?

pregnancyit depends on the experation date of the pregnancy test. most likely you are not pregnant.

You took a pregnancy test that came out negative now two days later iam spotting your period is not due for 7 days could you be pregnant?

I would wait until your period is late, and then do another test to get a more accurate result.

Could you be pregnant if you are 10 days late for your period and i have pregnancy symptoms but a home pregnancy was negative?

i would take another home pregnancy test just in case, but since you took it 10 days late it should be pretty accurate, if your not pregnant what i am thinking for about your period being late is that your stressing out, stress can prevent your period, so just calm down and wai things out, and maybe it would be a good idea to make adoctors appointment

Last period was on January 20 when would a positive pregnancy test show?

# Conception usually occurs about 5-7 days after intercourse # Your most fertile period is about 5 days before ovulation # For most(but not all) women ovulation occurs about 14 days prior to her period. According to the ClearBlue pregnancy test accuracy results they are: 4 days before expected period= 51% accurate3 days before expected period= 82% accurate2 days before expected period= 90% accurate1 day before expected period =95% accuratethe day of expected period =99% accurate

After miscarriage and 0 hcg Does it make it hard for pregnancy tests to read accurate?

Hello, If you have 0 HCG in your blood, and if you conceived after this then a pregnancy test would be accurate. A pregnancy test will not be accurate if you have any HCG in your blood.

Had heavy period and a week later tested positive for pregnancy?

That "heavy period" could have been implantation bleeding if you have tested positive for pregnancy. I would suggest taking another test to confirm.

Could you be pregnant if you've missed your period for two months but a home pregnancy test was negative?

It is possible to be pregnant. Home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate. The best way to find out would be to go to the doctor and get a pregnancy test.

Would a first response pregnancy test taken 4 days before a missed period be accurate?

yes you can get some really good tests now that can be taken up to a week before your period is due if it does read negative it may be worth while doing another one if your period is late

Can you be pregnant on birth control when you get your period?

If you conceived on birth control you would not get your period or would receive a very unusual period for you. If you suspect pregnancy, perform a pregnancy test.

If you get pregnant while on the pill would you miss your period and is that how you would tell that you're pregnant?

Hello. If you became pregnant while on the pill you may have a period which would be lighter than normal for you or experience spotting around the time your period is due. You would also be experiencing pregnancy symptoms. The only way to find out if you are indeed pregnant is by doing a pregnancy test or by having a pregnancy blood test. The blood test is the most accurate way of finding out if you're pregnant.

My period usually lands on the 25th of every month i had protected sex on the 2nd of august and i have yet to get my period i haven't had signs of pregnancy but shoud i be worried?

I would question it, especially if no protection was used. If you have your menses on the 25th, your ovulation time would have been around the 2nd, which would have been your most fertile time. You can test yourself now for pregnancy and get an accurate answer on a pregnancy test. Good Luck.

How accurate is the first response pregnancy test?

It says that is is accurate 5 days before a missed period. If you take it that early and get a negative, I would retest 5 days later. Sometimes women do not have enough hormone in their urine to trigger a positive 5 days before their period.

Would a pregnancy test show up positive if you were 6 weeks pregnant even though you had an abnormal period?

Your "abnormal period" may have been a threatened miscarriage or implantation bleeding, the pregnancy test is probably accurate but you should confirm with HCG level at your doctors or hospital.

You were waittin for your peried on 4 28 and is 5 8 is still not here you took a pregnancy test and it was negative but you were obulatin that same wk and had sex if you get pregant would you get your?

The situation, if I am correct, is that your period is late, and a pregnancy test shows negative. It is highly likely that your period is just late for another reason and the test is accurate. In response to the second part of your question, if you have sex on the same week you are ovulating, it is likely but not certain you will get pregnant. If this was the case, you would not get your period at the date expected. However it is perfectly possible that you could not get pregnant and still not get your period.

You are 36 days late on your period and the pregnancy test said negative Can you be pregnant?

Although pregnancy test are usually pretty accurate they are not 100% guaranteed, so yes you could be pregnant. I would suggest that you see a doctor.

If a pregnancy test is positive while you're on your period how accurate can it be?

I would think so b/c preg. test are rarely wrong you should see your gyno.

How long do you have to find out if you are pregnant?

I'm thinking it's between 7 and 15 days...? From the time you conceive you can get tests which tell you about 11 days later, but not sure why you would want to. Wait for a missed period then test. 14-15 days. According to the ClearBlue pregnancy test accuracy results they are: 4 days before expected period= 51% accurate 3 days before expected period= 82% accurate 2 days before expected period= 90% accurate 1 day before expected period =95% accurate the day of expected period =99% accurate

Can you tell you're pregnant within one or two weeks?

Usually by that time, you would have had your period. A missed period is often the first sign of pregnancy. All though, some women experience spotting, or a light period known as implantation bleeding. This is lighter, sometimes pink, red, or brown. It's perfectly normal. Some women mistake this as their period and do not think they are pregnant, when they really are. You can tell if you are pregnant if you have not had a period 12 days after your ovulation date, or alternatively and see if your period is late. Pregnancy kits are 99% accurate, but testing too soon can give you a false reading. It's possible; Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly include missed period, tender/swollen breasts, change in color of the breasts, fatigue, nausea/vomiting, increased sense of smell, and weight gain. Here is a link to a website that will calculate the probability of your pregnancy: http://www.thepregnancytest.com/ According to the ClearBlue pregnancy test accuracy results they are: 4 days before expected period= 51% accurate 3 days before expected period= 82% accurate 2 days before expected period= 90% accurate 1 day before expected period =95% accurate the day of expected period =99% accurate

How accurate would a pregnancy test from the dollar store be if you take it a week after your missed period?

My friend bought one from the 99p store and she got an accurate result she was indeed pregnant just like the test revealed. Your equivalent would be a 99 cents store/

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