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No. It would have a magnification of 400. The resolution is not directly related to the magnification. It could be higher or lower.

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Q: Would a microscope that enlarges an object 400 times have a resolution of 400?
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Explain why both magnification and resolution are important when viewing a small object with a microscope?

the plant is a mineral that has only two or some times three seeds to each pod and that is why you would need a microscope to see the small microscopic seeds

What are the advantages of microscope on a laboratory?

-It enlarges objects and materials to a different magnification level where you would be able to observe them better in a different point of view.

Which colour of visible light would give the best resolution in a microscope?

ultraviolet light.

Resolution of an optical microscope better with natural light rather than artificial?

The resolution of an optical microscope is not better (or worse) when using natural light. Resolution is determined by the numerical aperture (NA) of the objective.Why a vacuum in an electron microscope?The molecules that make up air would scatter the electrons in the electron beam

What it a stage on a microscope?

the stage on a microscope is where you would place the object being microscoped. you would put the object lets just say a leaf, on the flat part with lenses above

Does microscope enlarge or magnify?

*A microscope magnifies because if it enlarged an object, it would make the object under the microscope physically bigger. *Magnifying just makes it appear bigger than it actually is.

Which type of microscope would be the best tool to use to view the surface of a bacterial cell And why?

A scanning electron microscope would be the best choice because the electron microscope can achieve a much greater resolution than that obtained with the light microscope because the wavelength of electrons is shorter than that of light.

Why would increasing the magnification of the object not necessarily lead to a more satisfying result?

Increasing the magnification of the object does not necessarily lead to a more satisfying result because magnification that is increased beyond a certain point can result to lost resolution. Magnification can be done by using instruments such as a magnifying glass, a microscope, and a telescope.

When would you use a stereoscope microscope?

when there is an object that is very small, and when you need to look closer into it.

What Is used to observe small parts of an object in science?

A microscope would fit that description.

What would make an object under a microscope look bigger 10X or 40X?


In what situations would a compound light microscope be a better chiice then an electron microscope for studying an object?

It rather depends on how deeply you wish to view the object. An optical microscope is adequate for most studies. But, with an electron microscope, not only could you view a flea in detail, but also the minute hairs on the flea's legs