Guinea Pigs

Would a pet mouse or rat or guinea pig be the best choice for a single mother who works long hours to get for her three small children?

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July 11, 2012 1:04AM

Guinea pig, mice are too small(fragile), and rats need a lot of attention. Think of getting two guinea pigs, they're social animals.


If any of your children are under 4 years I think it wouldn't be such a good idea to get any of these pets, maybe a cat would work better..? But if they are older children, i think for sure the guinea pigs. They are social like they said up there so two would be much better, they do still require lots of attention no matter how many you have. Their great pets though.. if cared for properly they would live 5-8 years. If your planning on getting one you should read as much as possible about them, to learn everything you need to know. (there's quite a bit) But they are easy to take care of and fun to be around. hope this helps :)