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Would a push start ignition button work on a 99 vw jetta?


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2009-07-13 03:24:28

yes as long it was weird to the ignition so when the button is push it would start the car just like turn the key

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* Hold down the odometer reset button with the ignition off * Wait for the trip indicator to show 0's. Then turn the ignition on, but don't start the car * Let go of the reset button, and press the Min. button.

Could be your battery, starter, ignition, check them... would start with the battery !

They do have ignition keys. You must have the key on your person for the start button to work.

find the ignition wireing diagram and put a switch on the supply power and button on the starter

try taking the cover off of your ignition and tap your ignition tumbler with a screwdriver while trying to start, because your tumbler may be sticking.

Switch ignition OFF Press and hold in button between speedo & water temp Switch ignition ON (not start) Keep button in for 10 seconds Display will now read zero and "spanner" symbol gone Relaese button & switch ignition OFF

Press the ENGINE START/STOP button once without depressing the brake pedal

96 VW jetta the engine rotatas but will not start

With the ignition off press and hold the odometer button (it is on the instrument cluster), turn the ignition on but do not start the car, continue holding down the odo button until the oil light begins and ends flashing. Turn ignition off, start car to make sure it worked.

call a locksmith he can do it,ignition switch needs to be removed and checked on my altima the same happened but there is a button on the ignition that says push push the button and jiggle the key it should come out

First, turn on ignition and hold down right trip button while turning off ignition. Then, turn ignition back on and release right trip button. And then, turn left trip button to the right and release. Finally, turn off ignition. Service indicator should be reset when you next start the vehicle.

Yes the 2006 Jetta has an immobilizer, there is a chip in the key fob which is activated by radio signals when inserted in ignition. It can cause grief when the key is not read properly ,your car will start run for 2 seconds then quit .

There is two ways you can do this, one method is fairly secure and keeps your ignition almost stock the other method I would use on a strict race car only as it pretty much bypasses your entire ignition. A) Splice a momentary push button into your ignition switch on your Ignition wire, probably the simplest method and still retains the use of the key for killing the ignition and it still requires the key to start the car. B) Rewire the entire ignition switch to have all your accessories and hot power on a aircraft style switch and install a momentary push button as mentioned above. This will leave you car vulnerable as you will not need a key to start the car.

Turn the key to the off position take the key out of the ignition and press the alarm unlock button, then place the key back in the ignition and start the car yes it's that easy

You need to put the key in the ignition, turn the ignition on, shift to neutral, turn on engine safety switch, wait for fuel pump to cycle, hold the clutch in, and press the start button. If the bike will not start, it may be your battery.Ê

Check out this website, it is the best one I have seen and I'm doing it to a '71 VW Bus right now.

Just got off the phone with my local VW service tech - here are the steps: 1. Put key in ignition (do not turn) 2. Push in trip odometer button. 3. While hold in trip button, turn key to first click. 4. Let go of the trip button and push the minute button. 5. Hands off and turn off key. 6. Start car again - should be reset. My husband just changed the oil in our 2009 VW Jetta - so I had the same question. Good luck. Brenda

Asking your Volkswagon dealer would be a great start as to where you can test drive a Jetta wagon. In fact, the dealer there might even let you test drive a Jetta wagon there, if he or she has one.

No. Anytime you swap ecu's make sure the numbers match and if you have the anti thief ignition or key with diode you will need to have the ecu reprogramed by a lock smith or dealer to get the car to start.

To reset the service indicator wrench:Hold down the odometer reset button with the ignition offWait for the trip indicator to show 0's. Then turn the ignition on, but don't start the carLet go of the reset button, and press the M button.

To reset the service indicator wrench:Hold down the odometer reset button with the ignition offWait for the trip indicator to show 0's. Then turn the ignition on, but don't start the carLet go of the reset button, and press the M button.

There are several reasons for this issue. There could be a loose connection to one of the battery terminals. There could be a short in the ignition switch. There could also be an issue with an electrical component.

Ignition or ignition switch could be bad or the selanoid could have went out

Try this: Turn the ignition to RUN (do not start), press the unlock button on the keyless remote, ignition OFF. Repeat 2x. Turn the ignition to RUN, press the unlock button on the keyless remote twice, the power locks should cycle to indicate successful programming. Turn the ignition OFF and test remote.

By energizing the post on your starter with one clamp and your battery's positive terminal with the other clamp, when you push the button, the starter will turn using an "old school" remote starter switch. You still need to energize the ignition system to cause vehicle to start and fuel to flow, defeat any interlocks or ignition disablers that may be in place from alarm systems before it will start.

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