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Would a speeding ticket received in Delaware by a driver with a Pennsylvania drivers license result in points on the PA drivers license?


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Yes. States share this information.

Yes. States share this information.

--- Delware and Pennsylvania are both part of the DLC (Drivers License Compact) and thus will share tickets between the states. However, Pennsylvania will not issue points from a conviction in another state for a speeding ticket, although it is possible your insurance rates could still be affected.


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It is important to drive safely for everyone's safety. Yes, a speeding ticket in Delaware will affect a Pennsylvania's drivers license.

Yes it would. All states share their DMV information and histories. A violation, or conviction, in one state affects your status in all states.

Pennsylvania will issue a warrant for your arrest and have NY suspend your drivers license. Mail them the fine and they will be happy.

Yes, a speeding ticket in Maryland and its points will carry over to Pennsylvania. Everything is connected by your drivers license number and social security number.

It may largely depend upon whether you pay the Delaware ticket. If you don't pay such ticket, information will be sent to the state in which you have a drivers license, which will cause that state to suspend your license until the Delaware license is taken care of.

Yes. Otherwise your drivers license will normally be suspended and they can issue a warrant for your arrest.

Yes. See if you can take traffic school to get it reduced before it hits your license.

Yes, Delaware drivers licenses are in compliance with the Federal Real ID Act.

A speeding ticket will affect your license in most states for up to a year.

Yes, you should have received an envelope that had three choices. Choose "B" to request traffic safety school.

It is if you are a Pennsylvania resident.

Yes, all states have a cooperative interstate agreements whereby they share their DMV files and and honor each others violations and restrictions.

A drivers license number is used to keep up with everyone. This is in every state not just Pennsylvania.

Drivers who are convicted of speeding incur a penalty.

Advise, caution or issue a speeding ticket.

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When you get a speeding ticket, generally, points are added to your license. So yes, a speeding ticket that is out of state, will still effect your license.

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Yes, a person can get into Canada with an Unpaid Speeding Ticket. This is assuming that there is not a warrant for the drivers arrest for not paying the ticket.

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