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The maximum federal garnishment is 25% the maximum NY state garnishment is 10% (this does not apply to child support or spousal maintenance). Therefore the state garnishment would be the lowest, but if the student loan(s) are federally subsidized the law may allow for the higher federal garnishment to be used depending upon the person's financial status. Such issues as being disabled, head of household, and so forth would be a factor in the percentage of garnishment allowed.

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Q: Would a state or federal garnishment be less as applied to a student loan in New York state?
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If sued for a credit card debt and there are not any assets will wages still be taken even if it causes hardship?

Decisions concerning wage garnishment and the amount that can be garnished are left to the presiding judge. The maximum amount under federal law is 25% of disposable income with the first $154.50 of weekly salary exempt from garnishment. Many states have established garnishment laws where the percentage allowed is lower than the federal; the lowest percentage is the one that is applied. All garnishment action is subject to appeal and modification if the garnishee can present proof that it would constitute an "undue hardship" on themselves and/or dependents. There are four states that do not allow garnishment for creditor debt, Texas, Pennsylvania, N.Carolina and S.Carolina. Several states such as Florida have limited garnishment laws making such action difficult to enforce.

What is the maximum wage garnishment in the State of Alabama and would is a garnishment dischargeable in bankruptcy?

The state uses federal garnishment guidelines which would be a maximum of 25% of disposable income with the first $154.50 of weekly salary exempt from garnishment. The 25% only applies to creditor garnishment, it does not apply to court ordered child support, tax arrearages, and in some cases spousal maintenance or personal injury awards. Garnishment for those issues can be as much as 50% depending upon the circumstances and the decision of the judge. Wage garnishment for creditor debt can be eliminated in bankruptcy. Garnishment for the other issues cited such as child support cannot.

Where can you apply for a federal student loan?

The main place that i would suggest to go for to apply for a federal student loan would be your local bank branch. Go there and speak to one of the advisors about the best loan that would be suited for you.

What is the difference between business studies and applied business?

I am going to answer this question from my experience as a GCSE business studies student and AS level Applied Business student. Business Studies, is the study of business process, it gives you an in depth knowledge about businesses. For example, it would tell you all about marketing. The difference.. In Applied Business it would tell you all about marketing, but you have to apply to a business. For example, it would tell you how marketing applied to a business, how they use it. I am going to answer this question from my experience as a GCSE business studies student and AS level Applied Business student. Business Studies, is the study of business process, it gives you an in depth knowledge about businesses. For example, it would tell you all about marketing. The difference.. In Applied Business it would tell you all about marketing, but you have to apply to a business. For example, it would tell you how marketing applied to a business, how they use it.

Where would you recommend applying for federal loans for college?

The US Government operates a student financial aid office called "Federal Student Financial Aid"". They also offer a program called Free Application for Federal Student Aide, commonly referred to as FASFA.

Am I eligible for federal student loans if I attend dog grooming school?

Federal Student loans are available only for educational purposes. A dog grooming school would not qualify as such.

How can you stop student loan wage garnishment?

There are two ways to stop wage garnishment in the US. The first is to enter into an agreement with your student loan collection agency to rehabilitate the loans over a 12 month period. The second and easier route is to consolidate your loans. If you need help with the consolidation of defaulted loans, click on the link at the bottom of this text box. It's unlikely that you can. If the debt has proceeded to a garnishment then the loan company has a judgment for the debt and has not been able to collect it. Now they are getting the money and are unlikely to stop the garnishment without another court order (that you would have to get from the court) to do so. The last two statements are incorrect. A wage garnishment will be lifted by a collection agency if the loan is going to be consolidated by another Federal lender, because the defaulted loan will be paid off with the consolidation.

How do you write a garnishment dispute letter?

The procedure would be to file a motion in the court where the garnishment was ordered to request the writ of garnishment be vacated or amended.

What would be the benefit of consolidating your private and federal student loans?

One benefit of consolidating your private and federal student loans is that it would lower your monthly payments. Another benefit of consolidating student loans is that the variable interest rate on the loan can be switched to a fixed interest rate.

If you receive a notice that wages will be garnished for a student loan. What should be done?

If you voluntarily pay them more then they would get garnishing you, faster then they would get it from garnishment, they may choose not to garnish.You can also appeal the garnishment and attempt to prove it would cause you undue hardship. You would need to provide documentation of all household income and expenses. Appeals can be made at any time, but will not stop garnishment while pending unless they're received by the loan holder within 30 days of the date your garnishment notice was sent.

Can wages be garnished by more than one judgment creditor at a time in New York?

The law allows only one garnishment procedure at a time, they are taken in priority; for example a wage garnishment for child support would supercede a garnishment for credit card debt. The maximum for creditor debt in N.Y. is 10% of gross income (income before any deductions). The maximum for child support is 25% of disposable income (income left after state and federal taxes, social security, medicare, pension, etc.) When pertaining to garnishment by creditor lawsuits the law allows the state percentage to be used if it is lower than the federal amount. Pursuant to federal law, the first $154.50 of weekly income is exempt from garnishment.

Is income from a garnishment taxable?

Income from a garnishment is just as taxable as the same income would be if the person had paid the bill in the first place without the need for garnishment.

How do you abbreviate garnishment?

If I wanted to abbreviate garnishment it would be something like grnshmt. It is not exactly a common abbreviation.

In the state of Pennsylvania in the USA how much can be garnished for defaulted student loans. If you owe multiple loans what is the maximum to be garnished?

I'm assuming these are federal loans, correct? A defaulted federal loan falls into federal garnishment rules, thereby trumping any rules a specific state may have to the contrary. Garnishment orders are issued for 15% of your disposable income. (Disposable meaning everything after taxes, but before luxuries such as health insurance, 401K, etc.) If you have multiple defaulted loans, you can be garnished up to 25%. My suggestion would be to contact the holders of your student loan immediately, and request a repayment arrangement. It's possible that you qualify for the William D. Ford consolidation program, which will combine all of your loans and then set you on an income-contingent repayment arrangement.

What is the maximum percentage allowed for a wage garnishment in Kansas?

Kansas uses Federal garnishment guidelines. The maximum that can be garnished is 25% with the first $154.50 (weekly based) of disposable income being exempt. Example: Weekly take home $500 minus $154.50 equals $345.50 times .25 equals $86.37. ($86.37 would be the weekly garnishment amount).

Where do you go online to find out if you were approved for a student loan?

If you applied online for a student loan, the outcome is private. They would send you an email. You should check your email.

Do you file for taxes if you are a full-time student dependent on student loans?

Yes it is possible that as a full time student you would be required to file a 1040 federal income tax return

Can unemployment be garnished for a federal student loan?

I have worked in the student loan industry for 8 years and have never heard of that happening, so I would say no.

Can a lawyer help you with student loan garnishment?

If you are asking for legal advice, then you would need to ask an attorney.If you need help getting out of default, or getting a garnishment lifted, then contact Default Management Services, Inc. for help. You can Google the name for a phone #. Ask for Doug, he is knowledgeable.

Can a federal credit union garnish disability?

Banks do not place liens or garnish your paychecks (your employer would have to do that). However, if a garnishment is received by your credit union, they have to freeze any liquid funds in your account at the time the garnishment is received and send the funds to the court (by law). This is regardless of the source of the funds.

Can you have a federal garnishment if you already have a garnishment?

In the US, a defaulted student loan is turned over from the Guarantee agency to a Federally approved collection agency. This collection agency can garnish your wages. If your loans are with various lenders and turned over to multiple collection agencies after default, then I think it would be possible to have multiple garnishments, but collectively they can not be more than 15% of your salary. If more than 15% is being taken, then you should contact the Ombudsmans office at the Dept of Education. He is there to help you. If you want help consolidating your defaulted loans and stopping the garnishment, click on the link at the bottom of this text box.

How would one go about applying for a student loan online?

Government websites provide information about federal and state student loans. One should complete a FAFSA application to determine available federal and state student loans. If these do not apply, then one must apply to a private student loan company, such as Sallie Mae.

Can they garnish your paycheck or tax return for the remaining balance on your repoed van?

A creditor would have no authority regarding a tax refund. But they can file suit and if they win, receive a writ of judgment. They could then use the judgment as a wage garnishment according to the laws of the state where the debtor lives. Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina and Pennsylvania do not allow wage garnishment by creditors. All other states have established their own garnishment statutes, most follow the federal wage garnishment guidelines.

If you create a student government would that government be federal in form why or why not?

A federation can be described as a large government that is composed of smaller governments. In the US, the federal government is a union of 50 states. In Canada, the federal government is a union of ten provinces and 3 territories. A student government is not federal in nature, since the student body consists only of individuals. Students do not have any lower levels of government which can be unified into a federation.

What if you tried to stop a garnishment and they would not stop the garnishment unless you had half of debt?

In the US, stopping a wage garnishment for defaulted student loans is very difficult. The collection agency has the right to garnish wages and they will not stop this "Easy Money" unless you pay at least half the outstanding balance.There are a few companies that can help you get a garnishment lifted, have the loan restructured out of default, and get a low monthly payment as low as $0 a month. The one I recommend is linked to the bottom of this text box.

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