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  • Simply put quit cheating yourself! If you are having a urine analysis then you are either into sports or your parents or a judge has requested this. Quit the Marijuana! If you use Marijuana within a 24 hour period it will show up in your urine.
  • No it wont unless you are a heavy user. Lets say you took two hits for your first time it will be gone within a week. If your a heavy user up to a month. If your fat and a heavy user 45-90 days. I say work out, sweat and work out some more. THC stores itself in your fat cells.
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Is there any foods or medications that would come up positive for THC in a urinalysis?


If you have not smoked marijuana can it show up on a blood test?

No, it could not show up in a blood test. Sometimes certain other medications and/or supplements could cause a false positive, such as ibuprofen. You would always need to be upfront and honest with the tester about everything you are taking. Marijuana can show up on a blood test much longer than an urinalysis.

Will tramadol show up on a DoD urinalysis?

If it does it would only be a problem if you did not disclose that you are taking it.

If I ate a tiny marijuana leaf would it show up on a urinalysis?

It might, I wouldn't try it, those tests are very good.

What would cause a positive urinalysis for ethanol?

Drinking anything that contains alcohol. Mouthwash is a common item that can trigger a positive test for alcohol in the system.

You had a positive urinalysis for marijuana and did not smoke what can it be?

You probably ate it. Nothing else can show up as pot. It is unlikely that you just got a wiff walking in a smokey room and it would show. Someone gave you a cookie or somthing. i totally agree...unless you ate it...i dont see how you could come up positive

What drug shows positive on a drug test as marijuana?

Marijuana. Technically the class of compounds known as cannabinoids would also give a positive result, but about the only way to get these in your system is to use marijuana or something derived from it.

What would cause a urine test to show positive for cocaine and marijuana?

Only cocaine and marijuana would make a urine test show positive for cocaine and marijuana. For example, marijuana contains THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, is ONLY found in marijuana and nowhere else. However you can find it in some drinks and foods in Europe but it came from processed marijuana plants. Hope this helps you! :)

Is smoking marijuana taking away the potency of the amoxicillin?

No, marijuana would no decrease the potency of the antibiotics you are taking. If anything, it would help with the nausea and loss of appetite most often associated with amoxicillin.

You are going for an urine test and you use marijuana would you be test positive even if the main purpose of the test is not a drug test?

My answer would positive because marijuana is the main dangerous drug which can ensure other in the category .

Can foods laced with marijuana cause a false positive on a drug test?

No, they'll cause a true positive because you will have drugs in your system.Added: If you ingested food laced with Marijuana then the results would not be a FALSE would they.

Why would marijuana show up in a urinalysis taken from someone who does not smoke it?

A lot of over-the-counter drugs will show up as marijuana on a cheap urine test, even though they're not. Advil is the most famous one.

What would cause a positive result on a urine test for marijania?

Smoking marijuana.

What foods would cause a positive marijuana urine test?

The only reason any kind of food would cause a positive marijuana test is if the food contained marijuana. Common foods people put marijuana into are brownies, pizza, and mostly anything you bake. There is a such thing as pot butter, which is a certain type of butter that they chemically mixed the THC(tetrahydrocannabinol) from the marijuana into, but food containing marijuana is deliberate.

Does amphetamines cause positive urinalysis?

It causes a positive in the category of amphetamines..if they are testing for amphetamines. It is one of the main drugs that are tested in a routine urine drug screen. So, most likely it would be a positive result.

Is there any prescription drug that would show a positive result for marijuana?

Yes, Dronabinol (brand name is Marinol.) Marinol is Tetrahydracannabinol, or Marijuana.

What would cause a UA to come up positive for marijuana if your not under the influence?


Can a marijuana brownie cause a teSt to be positive?

Obviously! Thestuff would be in your system pbviously!

What would cause a false positive urinalysis for alcohol?

too much fluid intake and outtake before testing. (water, tea, etc...)

I had a urine test come out positive for thc90 what would cause that if you dont smoke Marijuana?


Are there any pills or vitamins that would cause your urine to test positive for alcohol?

You cannot test positive for alcohol. Alcohol is in your bloodstream (hence the term Blood Alcohol Content) and is not tested for during a urinalysis.

Can you test positive to weed if you had a blood test taken four days later?

if this was specifically a marijuana test then yes of course you would test positive. If it was a normal CBC or some other type then they wouldn't test for marijuana

Would you test positive in a urine test if you inhaled second hand marijuana?

depends on how much you inhaled, if you inhaled a lot for hours upon end you would test positive

Can you smoke marijuana while taking sulfa drugs for kidney infection?

Marijuana is actually bad for your kidneys... So if you have a kidney infection, I would leave the marijuana and your kidneys be. Let you kidneys heal.

Would smoking marijuana while taking Adderall XR leave you feeling high for days?