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Probably not, although it could lead to other problems which would cause your car not to start.

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Q: Would a warp engine head cause a car not to start?
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Related questions

What would cause your thunder-bird to die after it runs for a while and then it will not start until it cool down again?

It could be that your head gasket is shot. It may cause your antifreeze to leak, and your engine will overheat.

What would cause white smoke from the tailpipe?

engine coolant getting into an engine cylinder from a bad head gasket , cracked or warped head

Does a engine have to overheat to damage head gaskets?

no the higher milage or higher rpms can cause the head bolts to stretch which would cause it to blow

What would cause Dense white smoke from exhaust and engine overheating?

bad head gasket , warped or cracked head

What would cause engine oil to leak into antifreeze?

cracked head or bad gasket

What would cause white smoke and engine sputtering in a 2001 Nissan Frontier?

Water in engine-head gasket most likely.

What would cause Oil in coolant reservoir?

Head gasket failing The most common cause is a blown head gasket. Stop driving the car as severe engine damage will occur.

Cavalier 1999 with a2.2 what can cause a problem to start the engine after the head gasket have been change?

Timing not set up properly

Can a car still start with a blown head gasket or motor?

Sure it will start with a blown head gasket. But, if you continue to run this engine with a blown head gasket you will destroy the engine.

Does low compression and engine won't start mean a blown head gasket on a car that overheated?

If it was a head gasket then the compresion would be low in the affected cylinders low compresion as a result of wear wil make the car hard to start and overheating can also lead to electrical problems, Besides blowing a head gasket, overheating can also cause a cylinder head ro crack. Low compression and engine not starting or hard to start are symptoms. As mentioned above, do not discard the possibility of electrical problems due to overheating. However, the prime suspects are blown head gasket and/or cracked cylinder head.

What would cause Engine oil have lumps in it?

probably a blown head gasket if the oil looks milky or has bubbles in it

1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that overheated and will not start if the head gasket busted or if the head cracked would this prevent the vehicle from starting?

Depending on the location of the blowout or crack, it could seep water into the oil, or oil into the water. In some cases, the blown head gasket could seep water into the exhaust manifold, which will cause steam or water to come out of the tailpipe. If the blowout or crack is in one of the cylinders, you will loose compression and cause your engine not to start.

What would cause a head gasket to blow after replacing?

Engine overheated, head was warped, cracked, or not trued or replaced, head bolts were torqued out of sequence or too loose or too tight.

Check engine light is on and they said that it says the heat sensor where is that and would it cause your 2002 kia sedona to have hard start problem?

Would seem that of the four heater plugs fitted to this engine one or more have failed. They are located in the cylinder head and are joined by a single wire . they cost between £6 and £12 each dependant on engine . hope this helps

What is wrong with your 1998 Plymouth Neon if it chugs when you start it and the check engine light just keeps flashing and not giving a code?

I would have your computer recalibrated and find the source of why it got messed up in the first place. Also a slipped timing belt and bad head gasket will also cause that very same problem. I race these little cars so i have a pretty good idea what would cause allot of problems with them. If the check engine light stays off during normal driving i would definatly look into the engine timing and or head gaskets.

How do you repair a cylinder with no compression?

Start with removing the cylinder head to determine the cause of no compression. If it is a valve problem, have the head rebuilt. If it is a piston or piston ring problem, remove the engine for rebuilding or replacement.

Your Saturn SC2 coupe has lost all power and will not start?

Start with a compression test. Head gaskets fail when an engine overheats and that's a common cause of sudden engine failure. It doesn't always mean that the engine has to have overheated RECENTLY; sometimes it has to be run for a while.

Will a blown head gasket cause erratic idle?

I blown head gasket can cause an engine miss which one cause a rough idle.

Will a blown head gasket or warped head cause it not to start?

It really depends on how bad the problem is. If the problem is a small leak in the head gasket or head, then the engine will start and may even run ok for a little bit before it starts overheating. If the leak is bad enough a good deal of antifreeze might be inside the engine and starting it could result in severe damage (this is called hydrolock), and you will likely need another engine if this happens. No matter if you can start it or not, it is strongly recommended that you minimize any driving in it and get it fixed as soon as possible.

What would cause antifreeze to leak into the engine oil?

Most likely a failed head gasket or a cracked or warped head. Less likely but possible is a crack in the block.

What would cause water in oil on a 2001 Pontiac Montana?

first suggestion would be the head gasket which Montana's are notorious for having problems with, followed closely by a crack in your cylinder head or engine block

Will a bad head gasket cause a engine to overheat?

If it blows in the right place. The exhaust is getting into the water passage which will cause the car to overheat. Probably in just a few minutes. With the engine cold, take the radiator cap off, make sure it is full. start the car. If the head gasket is blown, water will shoot out the cap for a foot or two.

What would cause oil in the coolant but no colant in oil and engine gets hot in 1999 plymoth vovager?

you have a bad head gasket

What would cause a Lincoln LS to blow out white smoke?

Engine coolant leaking into cylinder. Possible bad head gasket.

Why would leaking head gasket cause 1994 Escort to stall?

Coolant entering the combustion chamber and the oil pan. This will cause serious engine damage and stalling due to the plugs getting wet. You should not even be driving a vehicle with a blown head gasket unless you do not care if you destroy the engine.