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A kidney stone ; see related link .

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Q: Would abdominal pains cause occult blood in urine?
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Can benign polyps cause occult blood in stool?


What are the effects of abdominal fats?

Abdominal fat is in the fatty tissue beneath the skin and can cause bad health in anyone. Having abdominal fat can cause different health problems like hormones, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cardiac.

Can too much calcium in the body cause constipation?

no, but it can cause liver problems Hypercalcemia (too much calcium in the blood) can cause abdominal pain

What could cause severe abdominal pain and blood in the stool?

That combination deserves a visit to the emergency room.

Occult Blood In Stool good or bad?

Not good. The cause could be serious or very common. It always deserves a discussion with your health care provider.

What is a stool sample?

It is a faeces (poo) sample, which can be used by a biomedical scientist to determine the cause of diarrhoea for instance, or detect the presence of occult (hidden) blood.

Can you urinate blood after an abdominal ultrasound?

NO an abdominal sonogram/ultrasound will not cause youto urinate blood. If you had that symptom before it was caused by something other than the ultrasound. An ultrasound is a test using high frequency sound waves to take images of your internal organs

If Colour of stool is brownish and occult blood is trace?

Presence of occult fecal blood in stool is often used as an indicator of peptic ulcers or colorectal cancer, depending on what other signs/symptoms are present. It's important to note that a POSITIVE test for occult blood does NOT automatically mean cancer. It is simply a sign that needs further investigation, usually by an colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy or endoscopy to establish the root cause.

Why would a blood clot cause abdominal pain?

A blood clot is followed up by inflammation. This affects the nerves in the area affected and thus causes an often throbbing pain sensation. This pain and inflammation process is known as DVT, or deep vein thrombosis.

Can the IUD cause abdominal tightness?

The IUD will not cause abdominal tightness. The IUD is in the uterus, which is behind the pubic bone; it is not in the abdomen.

What would cause lower abdominal cramps after 10 days of your period?

you need to see your doctor about that question

What would cause lower left abdominal pain along with nausea bloating and gas?