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An Android tablet is considered to be more suitable for a 6 year old child than an Apple tablet - for various reasons. For example, there are more child suitable applications for an Android tablet than for an Apple one.

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Q: Would an Android or Apple tablet be best for a 6 year old child?
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Is DragonVale on a arovona child tablet?

No, DragonVale is only available on mobile Apple iOS devices.

What kids' Android tablets would be good for a six year old?

You should buy the LeapPad Ultra tablet. It is in the middle of the tablet price range, but its characteristics pay for every penny. It is safe for your child/children as well, because it features child-safe browsing. It is durable, with a big screen and it will be a perfect source of entertainment for your child.

What kids' learning tablets would suit a seven year old?

For an age of seven years old, after doing some research it looks like the best tablet for a child of that age would have to be a tablet from either VTech or LeapFrog. Those companies design tablets specifically for young children around that age group which would provide them the skills to be able to use and operate more advanced tablets, such as Android tablets or Apple iPads, when they get older.

What features of the kids android tablet with both parents and children enjoy?

The Nabi 2 is an Android tablet that both parents and kids will enjoy. The tablet has a 7 inch screen and a rubber bumper so it is durable and is a size which is easy for a child to handle. The Nabi 2 has control settings that limit internet access for kids and is pre-loaded with apps that provide games, books, and songs.

Are they going to create a iPad for children?

No, there is no cheaper or smaller model planned. The iPad is already used by children. If you are worried about giving a $500.00 computer to a young child, get a Android tablet instead.

What is a good brand of tablet for a child?

There are many tablet computers for kids on the market. The best ones really depends on if you want a "child" tablet or an adult tablet and let the child use. Vtech and Fisher Price both make good child tablets. However, an Ipad with a protective bumper case could be great as well.

Would a Nabi Jr tablet be appropriate for a three year old?

A Nabi Jr tablet is very appropriate for a three year old child. According to the main website of the manufacturer of the tablet, it is geared towards children ages three to six.

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