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Yes, they can pretty much check your home out at any hour as they are looking for the car and can take it any time it is available. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 940 Am is called a 180. The repo man will usually check at night, say 940 PM and if the vehicle is not there the next logical thing to do is check 12 hours later at 940 AM. Hence a 180. Y-THINK-Y

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โˆ™ 2006-05-05 15:42:50
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Q: Would an automobile repossession person be checking your home out 940 am?
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Can an automobile be repossessed in Illinois if the owner is present?

Sure. The owner can't stop the repossession and is aware of the incident, which makes it easier for everyone. * Not if the person is in the vehicle or the repossession agent would be committing a breach of peace, such as appearing at a neighbor's or public place where the borrower was and requesting the keys or another vehicle be moved, etc.

Can you explain what would happen if someone threw fresh slime on a repossession person?

You could be charged with aggravated assault.

Can a person with out a drivers license purchase automobile insurance for their automobile?

I believe so. The owner would have to include the principal driver of the vehicle for the insurance rate.

Is checking someone's email a crime?

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Is there a way to get GM parts without going to the automobile dealer?

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Can you get a personal loan after a car repossession?

You might be able to get a personal loan after a car repossession. However, you would get the loan at a very high interest rate one the repossession is on your credit report.

What is considered an illegal repossession?

Repossession laws vary from state to state. States also have different provisions for different types of property. You would need to be more specific about the circumstances, the property and the state where the repossession would take place. Your question should be reformed to ask, "Is a repossession under the following circumstances legal"? Asking what is considered an illegal repossession is much too broad a question.

Can an investergator get involved in a repo?

If the investegator is acting in his capacity as a police officer, then the repossession would be considered to be done under the color of law. It probably would not be a lawful repossession.

What happens if an insured automobile hits a uninsured automobile?

If you are at fault, you are responsible for the damage and your insurance company would pay. If the person was injured, some states pay only the medical costs, not pain and suffering.

Can you register a car that is repossessed?

In some states, most that is at this point. However, most states are also passing or reviewing legislation that would prevent the registration of a vehicle up for repossession, and in some states such as Florida, the registration of any vehicle to a person who has a vehicle up for repossession.

How do you find a lawyer on contingency in regards to repossession and contract fraud?

That would be pretty difficult to do. Because the action is a repossession, it indicates that the person has a poor record of making payments and an attorney is too smart to take the risk of not getting paid. They will want their money up front.

What happens after a repossession?

After a repossession, you will need to pay a fine usually. For example, if this was a car being repossessed, you would have to pay a certain amount to get it back.

In Georgia should you do a voluntary repossession or just repossession?

The second to last sentence should read - Never will a voluntary repossession cost you MORE than a forced repossession. A repo is a repo. Voluntary Repos will, in most cases, save you money due to the cut in fees associated with the repossession. In some cases these fees will not be any less and the cost of a voluntary repo and the cost of a forced repo are the same. Never will a voluntary repossession cost you less than a forced repossession. Either way, voluntary repossession is the decision I would make, due to the possibility of a lesser cost.

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What is tortious Libality?

A tort is a civil wrong. Tortious liability would be liability for a civil wrong. For example, if a person caused an automobile accident, the person would would be liable in "tort," or would have "tortious liability," for the harm proximately resulting from the wrongful act. Bozarts

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f an automobile had a 100 efficient engine would it exhaust the surroundings?

What do you call a person who makes cars?

An Automobile manufacturer. A PERSON who makes cars would be an "Auto Worker" just like the name of their union. United Auto Worker

What is the definition of repossession?

Repossession is when something is returned to its original owner. An example would be when a car payment is not made, and the owner of the car's title repossesses (takes back) the car.

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Up to (but no longer than) 10 secs

Can a car be repossessed if there is no lien holder?

In that case there would be no one with the right of repossession.

What is a Contingent repossession in fort worth Texas?

I would like to know what this means?

Can automobile air conditioning fluid cause headaches?

Ingestion of such fluid would certainly be dangerous enough that any person should see their Doctor.

Can you insure an automobile you don't own?

No? why would you do that?

Does AAA East Central Automobile Club charge for towing?

Yes the AAA East Central Automobile Club charges a small fee for towing. Being a member of the club makes the fee lower than it would for any other person.

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