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Certainly. People have even been known to marry them, have kids and raise a family together. In a true relationship, it is the person, not their abilities or disabilities, that a person is attracted to.

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Which type of keyboard would most likely be used by a physically challenged person?


Can a non mentally challenged person divorce a mentally challenged mate?

Yes, a person who is not mentally challenged can divorce a person who is mentally challenged would have to be proven they are mentally challenged), but they would have to let the courts decide in the provisions of the divorce what you would pay to help sustain the lifestyle of the mentally challenged person.

What would a vertically challenged person lack?


What is the meaning of 'mentally challenged'?

"Mentally challenged" is a euphemism for mentally retarded, or having a low IQ or mental disabilities this means that someone who would be mentally challenged wouldn't do as well as their classmates. when your not physically disabled (wheelchair)

Was Caesar physically challenged?

Yes, he was deaf from one ear and also had a sickness that would make him faint unexpectaly.

What does physically challenged means?

It is a description used to describe physically disabled people. Some feel that this description is more accurate than just saying somebody is physically disabled. Physically challenged implies that there is challenge to be met or overcome, Where as using physically disabled means that someone who cannot be indpendent from there physical disability. Many in the disability community feel that the word disabled is very limiting in how it describes people with disabilities. I feel that differently abled would be a good description versus disability.

What is a person who is physically addicted to and emotionally dependent on alcohol called?

That person would be called an alcoholic.

What would you see physically in a person who has blocked lymph vessels?


How does it feel like physically to be in love?

You would without question die for that person.

What do you do when you get physically bullied?

Tell a person in authority. For example, if you are at school, that would be a teacher.

How can you identify a physically fit person?

Typically, a physically fit person will have blood vessels that stand out on their arms, legs, forehead, neck, and so forth. In the case of a fat physically fit person, I guess you would have to ask them, as you cannot see whether their blood vessels stand out.

Who is mental person?

A person of lower ability to function as an average person would. mental people are usually challenged in their minds. and learn in slower paces than others..........

How would you describe a physically fit individual?

a person that is healthy takes care of theirself

If you could be anyone who would you be?

i would be someone famous, someone who is physically fit, probably single, young, and somewhat the opposite of me honestly i would be jessica biel

Is it legal to charge a person in a wheelchair and their caretaker higher ticket prices for an event in Florida?

In the US it is commonly believed that persons who are physically challenged cannot be discriminated against by use of such methods. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and the exact circumstances would need to be known before a definite answer is possible.

Can anyone grow to 1000 pounds?

If this happened it would be impossible to do anything. They would be to big to even fit through a door or car. Plus, it would sound physically impossible unless proven otherwise.

If a person was suffering from bulimia how would it affect them physically?

It can make them weak. And, mess with there brain also.

Why would a muscular person run faster than a thin person?

a muscular man would run faster than a thin man because he physically built

Can you trvel in time without a time mechine?

I am geussing it is physically possible and if anyone tried they would lead themselves to cetain death.

Can a person eat their own poo?

no well it is completely disgusting and you would probably vomit but it is physically possible.

How many kilograms of chlorine needed to bleach 1 person?

it would be hard t bleach a person why why would anyone want to do that?

Does anyone have a account?

There would have to be at least 1 person with an account.

Why would a physically fit person return to normal breathing and heart rate levels more quickly than an unfit person?

That is what it means to be fit.

How do you deal with a mentally retarded person?

When a person is mentally challenged, it takes a lot of patience and kindness to help them, you do "not deal with them" as you put it, the first thing is to have compassion and try and think what it would be like if you were in their shoes.

Has Akon ever murdered anyone?

No! He's not that kind of person, and if he did, he would be in jail!