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Q: Would bas roimh churair translate as death before defeat?
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What was true about President Johnson's attitude toward Vietnam?

He had been against American involvement before becoming president. He felt that taking out troops would be a defeat for the United States.

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What does Caesar mean when he says Cowareds die many times before their deathsThe wvaliant never taste of death but once?

I would translate this to mean that he is using the term death to be defeat. A coward is defeated many times before they die, but the valiant see all confrontations as a victory, regardless of the outcome they learn from each and gain strength from knowledge. Because of this they are defeated only at death.

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What gamble did Germany make before the US entered the war?

The gamble that Germany made before the US entered the war was that their blockade would defeat Britain. The US troops arrived before the blockade defeated Britain.

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