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Q: Would be safe to breathe plasma made of oxygen Why or why not?
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Why do the totals of carbon dioxide and oxygen not change?

i don't completely under stand your question, but if you're asking why the amount of it in the air doesn't change, the answer is simple. we breathe in oxygen and let out carbon dioxide. while plants "breathe in" carbon dioxide and let out oxygen. oxygen is also made from chemical reactions from the ocean. but this is not enough to supply this much life with oxygen, and we still don't know where all the extra oxygen came from.

What are the two main constituents of air?

Oxygen, carbon dioxide (no air is perfectly pure oxygen),and trace gases. So the atmosphere is made up of many many gases

What makes up a oxygen molecule?

Oxygen in the air is composed of molecules which are each made up of two oxygen atoms. An oxygen atom contains protons and neutrons in its nucleus, 8 of each being the most usual form (some variation in the number of neutrons does exist) and it has 8 electrons orbiting the nucleus (2 in the inner shell, 6 in the outer shell).

How is oxygen and carbon dioxide made?

WARNING: Do this over a sink because it may get messy. Pour baking soda into a container (any type would be fine) and then pour vinegar SLOWLY. The container would start to bubble up very quickly. Then, quickly pour the bubbles into another container, but do NOT touch the lid. VOILA a container of carbon dioxide.

What is anti-oxygen?

If it existed, anti-oxygen would be an oxygen atom made of anti-matter, so consisting of anti-protons and positrons, along with neutrons

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Why can't you breathe underwater to say alive?

The reason you cant breathe under water is because people is made to breathe oxygen, water composes oxygen.

Most of the air you breathe is made up of?


What is the blood in your body made up of?

plasma, glucose,oxygen,etc.

Where does the oxygen made during photosynthesis go to?

It is released into the air for us to breathe

Why can't trees breathe in good air and breathe out bad air?

thats not what god made them to do they are made to supply us with neverending oxygen and taking in co2

How does oxygen cycle through an ecosystem?

Carbon Dioxide is absorbed by plants for use in photosynthesis to make sugars. During the process of photosynthesis, some oxygen is made as a byproduct. This oxygen is then inhaled by animals. Animals exchange oxygen in the air for carbon dioxide. Then the cycle starts over again.

What do humans breathe in?

The air we breathe is mostly made up of nitrogen and oxygen. The remaining 1% is made up of argon, carbon dioxide and other trace gases. Even water vapor (water in its gaseous state) is present in air in varying amounts.

What gas is needed by animals to breathe in?

Animals need AIR to breath in - AIR is made up of about 80% Nitrogen and 20% Oxygen. The animals use the Oxygen in the AIR.NOTE if an animal were to breath 100% Oxygen this would eventually kill it, Pure Oxygen is toxic.They need to breath AIR.

Where does oxygen come from in oxidative phosphorylation?

when you breathe in, you breathe in oxygen which is then transported to your cells and they use it to and food to respirate.

What do you call the air that can breathe in?

It is normally know as 'air' and air is made up mostly of nitrogen and oxygen. Oxygen is the gas that the body needs to survive.

How do fish breathe underwater?

Fish have gills, that's what helps them breath underwater.

What are examples of liquid solid gas or plasma?

Liquid: water. Solid: a chair, a dish - in fact, most of the objects in your home. Gas: the air we breathe. Plasma: You won't normally find it close to you. The Sun and other stars are made up of plasma. It an also be produced in laboratories.