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I'm pretty sure he would cause he wants to fall in love <3

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Would bill kaulitz ever go on a date with a fan?

Yes, Bill Kaulitz has said in an interview that he would date a fan.

Would bill kaulitz date an American girl?

Bill Kaulitz has said he would like to date a European girl, because of the accent.But if he see's an American girl he like's he would probably date her.

Would bill kaulitz date a black girl?

Of course he would.

Would bill kaulitz date you?


Would Bill Kaulitz ever date a girl from Tennessee?


Would tom or bill kaulitz date a girl with pinup style?


Would bill kaulitz date someone from America?

Bill &amp; Tom where asked that, and they replied "yes, why not ?"

Would bill kaulitz date a guy?

He's straight so of course not.

Would bill kaulitz date a religious girl?

Sure, he doesn't care.

Would bill kaulitz date a girl from Kentucky?

depends... on your peresonality , and your stile

Will bill kaulitz ever date Asians?

Bill doesn't have time to date anyone, nor do I think that his agents would allow him to do that.

Would bill kaulitz date a vampire?

yea but would be scared cuz she may bite him.

Would tom and bill kaulitz date a slim girls?

Yes tom and bill would date silm girls but not to skinny they do not care its about their personilty not their looks

Who does bill Kaulitz date?

No one at the moment.

Would bill kaulitz date a 17 year old now?

He would date anyone that's older than 16 :)

If bill kauitz fell in love with 29 year old girl would he date her?

No. I think Bill Kaulitz would say that she is to old for him, then.

Would bill kaulitz date a girl in the US?

He doesn't care where the girl comes from if he falls for her.

Would bill kaulitz date a famous gothic screamo singer?

If he likes the girl sure.

Would tom kaulitz ever date asians?

Well Tom and Bill Kaulitz dont care about the race The girl just has To be least for Tom.

What kind of girls does Bill Kaulitz date?

He doesn't date but if he did she would be pretty and happy and spontaneous. Hair color etc does not matter.

Would bill kaulitz ever date someone who lives in Germany?

he says he prefers a girl who is not from germany.

Does Bill Kaulitz date girls with curly hair?


Tom and bill kaulitz date of birth?

September 1, 1989

What date was bill and tom kaulitz born on?

Bill and Tom where born on September 1 1986

Would bill kaulitz date a famous person?

Yes, he has said that would be easier then a ordinary person because they would be used to all the attention.

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