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Are you still getting your period? Gaining weight can make you more tired. It wont make your breast tender unless its alot of weight at once. Like 25 pounds or more in a few weeks. You do not get sick from gaining weight. You dont get swollen ankles from gaining weight, those come after gaining weight. Go to the doctor and take the pregnancy test there because its more accurate than the store one. If your not pregnant they can evaluate the weight gain. It could be something else like thyroid.

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When should a person take a pregnancy test?

Someone should take a pregnancy test when they feel they have symptoms of being pregnant. That is such as having food cravings, gaining weight, feeling contractions, etc.

How do I know if I am pregnant if I have had my monthly period but have been gaining weight and feeling some of the symptoms of pregnancy?

If you had your period, it is very unlikely that you are pregnant. If you want to be sure you can take a pregnancy test available at any pharmacy, they are very acurate. Sources: I am a Medical Student

Could you be pregnant if you have sick stomach cramps gaining weight and not had a period?

Yes, the chances are good. Yes. those are signs that you are pregnant. Go to your doctor and take a pregnancy test or a home pregnancy test. You could be pregnant, but it could also be stress. Many symptoms early in pregnancy can also be due to stress or anxiety.

Is my girlfriend gaining weight or is she pregnant because she's not experiencing any symptoms of pregnancy except fatigue and bigger breasts which one is she?

Could be either. If she's missed her period, she needs to take a pregnancy test

Gaining Weight Moving in stomach Missed Period Negative Pregnacey Test?

Not pregnant.

If you got spotting at 3 weeks pregnant and you skipped a period but then had one but you cant stop gaining weight and it all goes to your stomach could you be pregnant?

Take a home pregnancy test. If you get a negative and still think you are pregnant I would call my doctor or clinic and ask for a blood test.

Can the father get pregnancy symptoms?

Especially if the father is living with the pregnant mother, then he could experience some 'sympathy' symptoms like gaining weight from excessive eating, nausea, back pain, etc. It's been known to happen. Though there is nothing like the real thing.

Can pregnancy symptoms occur due to wishful thinking?

they can.i wanted to be pregnant so badly i started having heart burn,nausea,cramps,nearly all the symptoms i even started gaining weight but i found out i wasn't yes it can happen with wishful thinking.

Period was only 2 days gaining 4 pounds in 2 weeks tired all the time upset stomach could i be pregnant?

Take a pregnancy test. If it's negative, go and see the doctor

If your boyfriend ejaculated on your panties but did not make direct contact to your vagina you've already had your period could you still be pregnant or could stress cause pregnancy symptoms?

Stress is the most likely culprit for the pregnancy symptoms. It is very unlikely, although not completely impossible, for enough sperm to find their way into the vagina to cause pregnancy. It takes more than one sperm to break down the covering of the egg so that one can find it's way in. Stress, illness, and believing you are pregnant can cause false pregnancy symptoms. There have been documented cases of women gaining weight and going through all the signs and symptoms of pregnancy simply because they believed they were, even though they were not pregnant. Periods can't predict when you ovulate. Ideally, you should ovulate and then have a period about a week later, acording to the health books. Unfortunately real life doesn't read those books. The younger you are, the more unpredictable your ovulation cycle. You can ovulate at any time of the month. You can even ovulate during your period. Although pregnancy is unlikely in this case, you should do a pregnancy test to make sure. If the test is negative and you still have symptoms, you should see a doctor to find out if something else is causing them. The chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease are a lot higher than pregnancy, and can produce the same symptoms.

2 months delay menstruation but there is no any pregnancy symptoms?

Not everyone has symptoms but you need to take a test and make sure you are pregnant or not. The period can be delayed for many reasons like loosing or gaining weight quickly or stress. But 2 months sounds a bit long so you should go see your doctor to find out.

How do you handle it when people keep asking if you are pregnant because you are gaining weight but have a negative pregnancy test?

It is usually not a good idea to ask if someone is pregnant since it can lead to dilemmas such as yours. Just say no, if you feel like you should answer, but offer no other comments. It really is not their business - so many causes of weight gain are possible.

What could be wrong if you have sore nipples and sharp pains in your breasts and cramping in your stomach with lower back pains and a missed period plus nausea and headaches?

The missed period suggest you may be pregnant, take a test. If it comes up negative see a doctor as you may have a hormonal problem. answer Hi missed period can be caused by stress, age and diet. Some girls have irregular periods which can be a longer cycle or it can cause a period to skip a month. Girls who think they could be pregnant stress and cause there period to be late. Your mind can also play tricks on you some symptoms which you have loads of girl get. I got them because I thought I was pregnant when I weren't. When you think your pregnant you experience pregnancy symptoms and then you think you are. If you think there is something wrong go to the doctors. If you think your pregnant then go get a pregnancy test and find out if you are and not. It could be also symptoms of a period. Which is also confusing. I know some symptoms of early pregnancy which are: Feeling sick or having morning sickness tiredness metallic taste in mouth bleeding gums gaining weight or losing weight Headaches Sore boobs More toilet visits I know sore nipples is a sign of coming on cause I always get sore nipples just before I'm due on. Cramping and pains and back ache and back pains is also a sign of a period on it's way. Some girls don't know there pregnant because they don't feel or go through pregnancy symptoms in early pregnancy.

How To Look Pregnant?

You can look pregnant by gaining a lot of weight in a short period of time. You can also make yourself appear to be eating more. You can ask for specific foods women usually ask for during pregnancy.

What does it mean if you are 2 months late for your period your breasts are leaking milk you're gaining weight you're tired all the time but your pregnancy test are showing up negative?

I would go to the doctor and have a beta hcg drawn. This will tell you if you are pregnant and if not then the doctor can address the other issues.

I have all signs of pregnancy including gaining weight as if I'm carrying a child and still testing negative on HPT test Could I be pregnant?

I always gain weight even if I haven't ate, you might not be pregnant if your not getting any symptoms. I feel like im gettin bigger but still gettin my period, although my cousion got hers for 9 months. But I've had 3 tests an they all come out negative in the past 3 months, I'm worried about this tbh lol but it doesnt sound like you are pregnant, if your worried then go doctors again for a blood test or something. Hope this helps, and hope someone can help me hahaha.

How are negative ions made?

Gaining electrons

How does gaining or losing of electrons influence if a atom will be positive or negative?

Gaining electrons form negative charge. Losing electrons forma positive charge.

What are symptoms if you are pregnant?

If you don't have your period is the most obvious but also if your breast are swollen or tender, if you are nauseous, if you are gaining weight for no reason, getting headaches, and if you are getting weird cravings for odd food.

When gaining electrons does an atom become negative or positive?

The atom become negative - anion.

How does an atom become a negative ion?

by gaining an electron.

What charge do atoms develop by gaining electrons?


How can you lose weight without gaining stretch marks?

You develop stretch marks from gaining weight, or pregnancy, but not from losing weight.

Is it normal to quit gaining weight at the end of your pregnancy?

theres no need to worry , its ok to quit gaining weight at the end of your pregnancy. But u may need to ask a few other people about this

Can you still be pregnant after a dc Ive been gaining wait in only my stomach Its not flabby fat its hard fat and looks about the size of someone of my size that could be 5 or 6 months pregnant?

I would check with a docter. And have you had any other pregnauncy symptoms?