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Q: Would gel change colour when hot water is poured into it?
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What color is a puddle?

A puddle is the colour of water. However, the ground underneath would change the colour of the puddle.

What would happen to the molecules in a drop of ink into a beaker of water?

They would spread through the water molecules which is why the water would change colour slightly!

Can water be poured?

Yes, water can be poured.

Is balls of wax forming when melted wax is poured into ice water a chemical change?

No, it is a physical change.

What colour would water turn if you added litmus?

What colour would water turn litmus

If a glass of water is poured in to a container what will happen to the volume of the water?

Nothing, the volume wont change whatever you put it into...

At whatTemperture water will change from a liquid to a gas?

If u have a pure water(distilled water) then it change it state at 100 degree Celsius and the temperature need to be constant or the water can change it's state in any temperature if the water is poured on flor and spreaded then it would evaporate even at 30 degree Celsius

What color is the water?

Water, it is interesting because water is a difficult colour to judge due to the humongous amount of different colours in it.It is Colorless.It is in the shape which it is poured in a jug or bottle.

If you poured 4 liters of water into a pot how many milliliters of water would that be?

4000 mL would be in the pot.

Sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide dissolve in water what colour would their solution change the universal indicator to?

It wouldn't change at all as it is neutral

Why does water go down when poured?

gravity pulls the water down when it is poured

What color does bromine water change when you mix it with unsaturated fat?

There is no colour change

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