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The consistency of male ejaculate varies -- not just for each male, but it can vary on different days. It can be thin to thick, clear to white. Sometimes, the consistency depends on your fluid intake, meaning, if you drink a lot of water, the ejaculate will be thinner. As a side note, the same is true for other body excretions: if you don't drink enough water, you can have drier stools and constipation, you can have thicker blood which the heart then has to work harder to move around the body, and you can have less saliva.

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What is the colour of pre-ejaculate?

Pre-ejaculate is typically clear - although it can have streaks of white.

Is it normal for men to have a clear discharge during arousal?

yes, it's pre-ejaculate and it contains sperm.

Why is a man's sperm clear?

Normal semen, the ejaculate fluid that contains sperm, nutrients and lubrication is clear to white. Yellow, pink or red blood tinged ejaculate is a sign of infection and should be evaluated by a health care provider.

Can pre-ejaculate be clear?

yes it can.

Does puberty make your sperm clear?

No, if anything it should make it white and foggy.. Clear is typically pre-ejaculate, and just means your ready for full ejaculate..

Is it bad if your semen or ejaculate is clear?

No, there is nothing wrong with that.

What is the cleaR stuff that comes out of a mans penis?

The clear stuuf that comes out is Pre-ejaculate.

Is pre-ejaculate white?

It can be but it is more often clear.

How long does it take for the guy to pre-ejaculate?

"Pre - ejaculate" can be present from immediately with an erection to moments before orgasm. It is the clear, sticky lubricating fluid that has nothing to do with orgasm.

What is the clear liquid that comes out of a penis before sex?


What color should pre-ejaculate be?

Clear, white or light yellow are generally accepted as normal... shades of brown or red may indicate blood in the ejaculate. Green may indicate an infection. Anything that seems abnormal should be evaluated by a doctor... specifically a urologist.

Is clear discharge normal?

Yes, Clear discharge is normal.

Do men have pre-ejaculate?

Yes wd do with extended foreplay it can be seen as it is a clear colored liquid that will come out of the penis prior to a man cuming.

Does the guy know when he is about to pre-ejaculate?

No, pre ejaculation is the very tiny flow of clear liquid before ejaculation. It does not always happen and is usually only visible when a clear look at the head of the penis can be seen during masturbation.

If a man's semen is clear does that mean he's a cheater?

No it does not mean that. There could be any number of reasons. Clear ejaculate fluid has nothing to do with it.

Is it normal to have brown when you first get your period and clots with clear thick fluid?

Instead of asking here you should talk to your mom, and/or your doctor

What is the difference between pre-ejaculate fluid and semen you are not sure that it is semen or pre-ejaculate fluid?

Precum is a lubricant to help in penetration during sex. While there can be sperm in it, the main amount of sperm are in your ejaculate. You generally have to have an orgasam to ejaculate. Pre-ejaculate is a watery clear liquid that comes out first. You can use it as lube. ejaculate is a thick white liquid that comes out last that contains the most sperm.

Why would a seven segment display be used instead of a light?

To get clear and big image.

Could you ejaculate sperm or semen at the age of 11?

My guess is that yes, you probably can. I could when I was 10. Actually it depends on whether you have started puberty or not. You can ejaculate semen only after starting puberty.You may even ejaculate a clear fluid if you have recently started puberty but even that is semen. The person above must have started at 10 or earlier so he could com and I also could ejaculate clear semen at 11.5 years.

Can pre-ejaculate fluid be white and visible?

Yes, it can be white and clear. But it is never "invisible"

Your penis is 4 inches in erect could you be father?

Penis size has nothing to do with being able to father children, it depends on whether you produce sperm or not. Some boys can ejaculate a clear fluid, that contains no sperm, however, if you ejaculate anything at all, a condom would be sensible.

Can you use vingar instead of clear nail polish?

Well, I've never heard of that, I honestly don't know. I would just use clear if you have it.

What colour is the sperms when ejaculated?

The ejaculate that leaves the penis is a mixture of semen and sperm and is a clear to milky color

What is the clear fluid dripping from what looks to be a heat box drain?

That would be condensation from the ac system, this is normal.

Can you get pregnant if the man doesn't come you use protection and he didn't pre come?

It would be very unlikely for you to get pregnant if you are using BC and the male didn't ejaculate. You need to be aware that pre-ejaculate (pre-come) is not something he controls or "feels" - it is the clear, slippery substances that lubricates the penis and it can contain sperm.