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Q: Would it be ok to wear pantyhose with shorts in public if you are a man?
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Can men wear pantyhose and shorts?

Yes I do this all the time. I love the feeling and looks of pantyhose and short shorts on me. And I like the looks of tights/pantyhose with short short on anyone with a good figure.

Should girls wear pantyhose under shorts?

you could but leggings work best they fit great under shorts and are very fashionable. but only if u can pull it off

Should a man like to wear pantyhose?

A man might like to wear pantyhose. But he should not like wearing them. Pantyhose were invented for women to wear with skirts and dresses. In society men sre expected to wear suits, ties and trouser. Sometimes shorts. The established social norm today is women may wear tights and pantyhose. A man does not have the fashions accessories to wear pantyhose. He has no reason to wear them,. A woman may like wearing pantyhose and that is acceptable for her. She has the clothes to wear them with and pantyhose were primarily created for women to wear. If a man likes pantyhose his best course of action is to enjoy them on women and perhaps find a woman who likes to wear them. It will be difficult for him to like wearing pantyhose and expect a woman to accept him wearing pantyhose. Its her role to wear skirts and pantyhose and his role to enjoy them on her.

Should you wear shorts to basketball?

probably would be helpful. If you wear pants you would get hotter sooner than you would in shorts.

Do you like to wear your leotard in public?

not really, especially without shorts on

Can you wear pantyhose over or under fishnet pantyhose?

Yes you can, but it is best to wear regular pantyhose UNDER the fishnets to achieve the best look.

Why did the nba go from short shorts to long shorts?

My guess is the short shorts went out of style as you notice back then more guys use to wear short shorts back then in public but now all these guys wear long shorts

What do you wear cycling shorts from topshop with?

Most would wear a cycling Jersey together with cycling shorts.

The most women who wear pantyhose percapita?

The most women who wear pantyhose per capita are over 55 years old. Younger women do not feel the need to wear pantyhose, but will often wear leggings.

What would Aztec boys wear?

they would wear a cape, shorts and a shirt

Can you wear shorts to jury duty?

No, the judge would not allow shorts in his courtroom

Should women wear panties under pantyhose?

It is a personal choice to wear or not to wear panties with pantyhose; However, in reality there is no need for the panty undergarment when wearing pantyhose as it has its own panty already.

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