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It is not a chance that I would take personally, but you could certainly ask a doctor that question and get a more direct answer probably. I went to Universal Studios when I was 8 months pregnant. I didn't show much and went on almost all the rides. I asked my doctor ahead of time and she said most of the caution is because the rides that make you cautious. I'm pregnant again and have gone to a couple amusement parks and ridden non-violent rides. Use good judgement, if the ride is extremely violent, shakes you around, I'd stay off. Something like a flume, or a carousel...I'd enjoy.

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Q: Would it be safe to ride the rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain when you are 6 weeks pregnant?
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How much are kids tickets at Six Flags Magic Mountain?

If they are 48" their admission would be $34.99 If they are 2 and under they get in for FREE

Why would a family want to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain?

A family would want to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain for many reasons. The park is a non-smoking area so clean air is guaranteed, there are a wide variety of rides for families to enjoy, and even activities that families can do together at the park.

Where can one go to find a little more information about magic mountain?

If you mean Six Flags Magic Mountain, I would go to their official website. They have everything from maps to prices for kids and adults. Most importantly, they have directions.

Chances of flashback being rebuilt at six flags magic mountain?

about 5%. very little. but if so, it would probobly be built where deja vu used to be.

Can you use a friends season pass for six flags magic mountain?

No. Well, you could try, and you might get away with it, but if you're caught, you'd be thrown out (at the very least) and the pass would probably be confiscated.

How many roller coasters does Six Flags operate?

They all have 16 roller coasters/thrill rides at each park Six flags magic mountain is one of like 15 SF parks! If you add all the parks together it would be about 35-45 or so.

Would a eight year old handle six flags magic mountain?

I guess if they stayed in Bugs Bunny World, All the rides are pretty much thrill rides( besides the water ones like the river and log flume)

Which Disneyland Paris park would you find Space Mountain?

The "Magic Kingdom" park.

How fast does the Goliath roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain go?

About 800 mph. It breaks the sound barrier!!!! <><><> Top speed is 85 mph, which is very fast for a coaster. 800 mph in a coaster would be deadly to anyone near it.

Tallest rollar coaster?

Why would you say in japan? not even close. Both the 1st and 2nd and 3rd highest are in the USA. 1 Kingda Ka, Six Flags Geat Adventure, Jackson new jersey 2 Top Thrill dragster, Cedar Point, Sandusky Ohio 3 Superman: The escape, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia California

Is six flags magic mountain a good park?

It is for family and BIG thrill seekers. But for more info go to the link below: everywhere you looked you would see fat Mexican people making out and groaning. My children were quite disturbed.

How many mountains are there at Disney World and what are their names?

3 Thunder Mountain Space Mountain Splash Mountain (all in Magic Kingdom) -you may argue that Expedition Everest is also a mountain, but it does not have mountain in the name-then there would be 4 mountains (in Animal Kingdom)

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