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Yes , it would've been possible to amend the articles of confederation. In fact, at the Constitutional Convention of May 1787 in Philadelphia, they did exactly that; state leaders and representatives of states came together and revised the Articles of Confederation.


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They had problems already on the article itself!

The Articles of Confederation was thrown out for their lack of power to deal with many problems.

Shays Rebellion pointed out the problems in the Articles of Confederation. This lead to the production of the Constitution.

The problems of the Articles of Confederation.

To correct problems with the articles of confederation

One of the major problems with the Articles of Confederation was the fact that the government had difficulty raising revenue. This made for a very weak central government.

Instead of fixing the problems with the Articles of Confederation, the delegates drafted a new plan. The new plan was a compromise they thought most people would agree to. The US Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation.

it did not create a strong central government

The Articles of Confederation sought to create the states independence but it had many problems. One such problem was there was no court system and Congress did not have the power to tax.

Under the Articles of Confederation Congress depended on donations from the states to operate which caused problems for the national government.

The Articles of Confederation were the first national documents were drawn up before the US Constitution. The US Constitution created to solve some of the problems the Articles of Confederation' failed to properly address.

The Articles of Confederation were made before the Constitution. The Articles of Confederation was lacking in many things such as balance between states, taxes, and how to ratify amendments. The Constitution solved all of these problems.

The replaced the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution which gave the federal government more powers.

The primary reason why the Articles of Confederation were largely ineffective was because the articles created a weak federal government. The national government did not have the power to deal with the nation's many problems.

maybe they had some problems and had to solve them on there own

The only way was to do what they did and write a constitution.

There were a number of problems with the Articles of Confederation. Some of the weaknesses included the Congress lacking power to collect taxes, the national government could not regulate trade among the states and so many more.

To discuss problems with the current government document, the Articles of Confederation.

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