Would it work if you connected an Ethernet cable to a modem and then to a ps3 to play on line?

If for instance you have a PC connected to the internet with an ethernet cable at a cable modem you can unplug the ethernet cable to the PC at the modem and Plug in a ethernet cable from the PS3 to the modem and a connection to the internet is possible. If the PC and PS3 are close enough you can just unplug the PC ethernet cable at the PC and move it over to the PS3. The first time you do this you need to go to the PS3 network setting and auto set the network settings. When you are done using the PlayStation 3 you just unplug the ethernet cable for the PS3 from the modem and plug the PC cable back into the modem for the PC to go back online or switch the cable back if it was close enough. When you get tired of doing this just purchase a router and plug the PS3 and PC into the router and plug the router into the modem.