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well he likes people for who they are so yes he isent supid he would date any girl with a good personality

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โˆ™ 2009-09-07 16:54:34
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Q: Would joe Jonas date an ugly girl?
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Would you ever be able to date Kevin Jonas?

i wouldn't date him. after all, he is the 'ugly Jonas brother' lol.

Would you date a pretty girl who is mean or an ugly girl who has a perfect personality?

beauty is with-in so probably date an ugly girl with a perfect personality. In the same aspect, no one is perfect.

What would Joe Jonas do on a first date?

first he will not date you because you are ugly second he likes me third get off of my man

Would you date a fat ugly girl with a great personality?


Would you date a ugly girl?

yes if he loves you and even if your ugly special ed glasses skinny or fat if he loves you he might date you

Will Nick Jonas date Halley Clark?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO nick Jonas will never date her cause shes ugly

Would tom or bill date a girl with an ugly face?

yes yes

Would Justin Bieber date a girl named demi?

No. that is an ugly name

Would Cody Simpson date a girl that can't sing?

no and he wont date ugly ones either

Do boys hate ugly girls?

I wouldn't say that they hate ugly girls but most boys will not date an ugly girl because they want a girl that other guys would be jealous because they have not dated that girl.

Would joe ever date demi?

No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, idiot Joe of JONAS is so ugly. that`s all folks.

Would Nick Jonas date a plus size girl? he would not.nick likes all kinds of girls ,but he would not date a girl plus the size of him. she has to be at least almost his size.............ILY NICK JONAS (GOOD THING IM HIS SIZE) RE: Dude that is BULL@#$% you need to check your self who ever wrote that. There is a lot of girls who have awesome personalitys...but not you. you have an ugly inside.

Would Nick Jonas Date an Ugly Girl?

-Does it look like he would, honestly, U HAVE TO BE CHUBBY and pretty, not ugly and SKINNY. NO ONE WANTS A SKELETON, WOMEN ARE SUPPOSSE TO BE FAT AND MEN ARE SUPPOSE TO HAVE BONES HAVENT U READ THIS IN BIOLOGY don't waste your time.

How do you get a boy to date you and the girl is ugly?

He might date you if you were rich.

If you are an ugly girl how do you get a date?

Have a great personality.

Would Bill Kaulitz date an ugly girl?

He will date the girl he falls for, not that any of them have time right now and he hasn't dated in the past 5 years. Only Tom have. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say and what we think is ugly he might not.

Would a guy rather date a slightly ugly girl or a slightly fat girl?

Depends on how hot the fat one is but if is I would take the fat one

Is selens gomezugly?

shes ugly no one likes that ugly girl miley and demi and Jonas is better than the ugly witch and dumb than accuc manncit

Why would a guy date an unattractive girl if he could do so much better?

He did it out of loneliness, or he saw qualities in the girl that he liked, or he didn't think she was ugly.

Who does the Jonas brothers go with right now?

nick Jonas goes out with Selena Gomez,joe Jonas goes out with the girl from love bug and Kevin Jonas is to ugly to have a girlfriend! love, alyssa

Would Harry Styles date a ugly girl?

Yes he likes you for you not what you look like but he wouldn't mind having a girl that is good in th inside as well as out

Does Justin Bieber like girl if there ugly?

Justin bieber likes every girl he even said it he said he would also date anyone even a fan.

Do Justin Bieber like girl that are ugly and fat?

Justin bieber does not jugge by apperance BUT!! he does not date UGLY or FAT girls!!

Will men date an ugly girl?

Yes. Every person is attractive to someone.

Who did Nick roux date?

No he's ugly y would any1 date him