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Would lights turn on in a faster than light spacecraft?

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In theory time inside the vehicle would go on as usual, the occupants would notice no difference. The vehicle is traveling at super light speed and so is the light on board, anything not attached to the craft would be affected.

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If a car was travelling in space faster than the speed of light with its lights on would it still be able to see ahead?

You cannot even travel at the speed of light. So forget about going faster.

What is Faster than the speed Of light?

According To Google, These are some things that are faster USCSS Prometheus, Fireball XL5, USCSS Nostromo, Whorfin Spacecraft, The ark, The USS Sulaco, USS Enterprise, Pillar of Automm.

Does a banana rot faster in the light or in the dark?

A banana would rot faster in the light

How long would it take a spacecraft to travel 4.3 light years?

At a typical 18.6 miles per second the spacecraft travels at 1/10,000 of the speed of light, therefore it would take 43,000 years.

How long would it take to get to Ceres in a spacecraft?

500 trillion trillion light years

What is the Alcubierre drive?

An Alcubierre drive is a hypothetical engine which is capable of faster than light travel by enveloping the spacecraft in a bubble of curved spacetime. This shell is allowed to travel faster than light, the spacecraft moving less than the speed of light inside the shell. The drive does require the existence of a type of exotic matter; matter with an imaginary mass. Such matter has never been observed and is considered highly speculative.

Does it harm fish if light is always on?

no if you keep the lights on all the time it will create algae faster in the aquarium

Does different colored lights affect the growth of plants?

yess it does. Blue light helps plants grow faster. Im sorry but i dont know why though. Red light makes plants grow slightely faster and green light makes them a tiny bit faster.

If you are travelling at the speed of light in a car what happens if you turn the lights on?

nothing the car would have lost all the matter as it reach light speed and even if that happened the law of matter will be traveling the same speed as you are and the speed you send it (Ex: standing on a train and throwing a ball. the ball will go faster than the train intill friction takes place) does not apply to light, your lights would be on but you would not see them

Is rainbow dash faster then the speed of light?

No . Rainbow dash is not faster than light. Fain bow dash has a mass. According to Einstein , anything which has mass cannot go faster than light. Things which have mass can just go at lights speed...but not faster. So if u have a question like that again just remember nothing you know is faster than light..except your thoughts maybe.

Can a spacecraft achieve the speed of light?


If someone moves faster than light does it become dark?

It is impossible to move faster than light, as your mass increases as your speed approaches that of light. The Speed of Light would mean infinite mass, which it is impossible to make faster.

How many years would it take a spacecraft in travelling at the speed of light to cross your galaxy?

a long time

Who lights the torch and who did they decide would light the torch?


What is knee light light?

neon lights (knee-on-lights)

As we can see planets galaxies light years in the past with telescopes couldn't we send spacecraft far enough into space to record to see Earth light years in the past to settle creation argument?

That would involve building spacecraft to exceed the speed of light, which at the moment is impossible.

Why can't a spacecraft with the speed of light can be made?

because of the forces that would be pressed agaist the matirials used would crush the space craft and nothing can beat the speed of light

Can you theoretically go faster than light?

No, you can't go faster than the speed of light. This is because you would need an infinite amount of force to accelerate an object to a velocity faster than the speed of light.

Would light travel faster through space or wind?

It would travel faster through space since there are no particles to get in its way. The wind is an opposing force so it is harder to move faster. The difference between the two would be negligble but specifically, light moves faster through space.

What is wrong when 1 brake light is out but the tail light and other brake lights work good?

The bulb is burnt out. If the problem was a fuse, then all brake lights and probably the dashboard lights would be out as well.

Would you have a shadow if you go faster than the speed of light?


Why would you have no brake lights but all the other lights work?

Blown fuse or bad brake light switch?

Is light faster than sound or sound is faster than light?

Light is faster than sound

What is faster magnetism or light?

Light is for sure faster, and If you want to know what is faster than light its sound.

What color lights would you use for a greenhouse?

You need grow lights which are in another light spectrum. Regular lights won't do as well to help your plants.