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Q: Would molasses treats be better to feed a donkey than oat treats?
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What would you give to a dog on the holidays?

I would recommend getting them Dog Treats, if you usually feed them treats then get treats that are better and spend a little more money on them. If your dog likes to play, get him a new toy.

Is it good for cats to eat dog treats?

I don't think it would do them any harm. Though they would probably enjoy cat treats much better.

Can you use sorghum instead of molasses to make molasses cookies?

If one does not use molasses in "molasses cookies," they cannot be called "molasses cookies." One might make sorghum cookies by replacing the molasses with sorghum. But the cookies would not taste or look the same.

What would happen to the weight of a dialysis bag filled with water placed in a molasses solution?

The weight would decrease. The water would diffuse through the bag and into the molasses because the molasses has greater solute concentration.

Is Mario fast?

definetely! he gained his skills chasing donkey kong! who knew it would make him better?

Who would win between Donkey Kong and Mario?

donkey kong, because he can do every acrobatic move mario can and better, plus he has stronger moves, and is just to agile to lose to mario!

What called tax was the molasses?

The Molasses Act of 1733 The trouble was how it would effect the making of Rum.

What is the density of molasses?

Molasses has a specific gravity of 1.4. So density would be 11.9 pounds per gallon.

Who treats employees better Sam's Club or Costcos?

The answer to who treats employees better is a matter of opinion. Sam's Club and Costco both offer numerous employee benefits. A person should weigh the pay and benefits to find out which employer would be the best option for them.

What do you get when you cross a donkey and a jackass?

As a Jackass is a Male Donkey you would get a Donkey

What make a donkey?

Two donkey's would mate and create a baby donkey (:

What does it mean when the carton of molasses becomes bloated?

It would be a safe guess that something is growing inside and molasses is spoiled. I would dispose of it before it ruptures.

What do you do if your girlfriend treats her friends better than you?

This may sound harsh, but I would dump the girl and find someone else.

Can a horse eat chocolate?

A very small amount on occation probably would not hurt a horse but it is always better to stick to treats that are healthier. Carrots, apples, pears, or commercial horse treats you can get at any feed store.

Compare the viscosity of milk and molasses?

The viscosity of milk and molasses is basically asking you how is the flow of the two different? The obvious answer would be that milk flows smoother and quicker than molasses... HOPE THIS HELPS!

Is Donkey Kong a donkey?

Donkey Kong is not a donkey. He is a gorilla. He was named Donkey Kong so he would appear less frightning. Apes can be frightning. Donkeys, not really.

What kind of medicine would a donkey take for it to be effective?

A donkey would have to take an ASSpirin for it to be effective.

If you had a donkey i had a roaster your donkey ate my roaster what would you have?

A donster

What is the width of a donkey?

lol that would depend on the size of ur donkey.

Who would win in a fight Donkey Kong or colosess?

Donkey kong

What if the sentence was 'you brought treats to school and shared them with your classmates' what would be the antecedent of them?

The pronoun 'them' replaces the noun 'treats'. 'Treats' is the antecedent.

Why the donkey bray?

donkeys bray when they are lonley donkeys are very social animals if your donkey brays i would suggest to get another donkey or a goat so it would have a friend

Would Barack Obama wear a donkey pin or elephant pin?

Donkey pin. The donkey stands for the democratic party.

A donkey and a mule were carrying bags of grain if the mule gave the donkey one bag they would have the same number if the donkey gave the?

5 donkey 7 mule

What are the features of an effective leader?

A good leader understands everything better, is very good at communication and treats everyone like he would like to be treated.