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Yes, most senior citizens receive some form of discount for airfare. All they have to do is inquire about the discount when they buy their tickets. I hope this helps.

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Q: Would my senior citizen grandparents receive discount airfare?
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Would I be able to get a discount car if I am a Senior Citizen?

You can receive a discount an a rental car if you are a senior citizen. AARP members receive special incentive on new car purchases with there membership.

Finding Discount Airfare When Planning Your Next Vacation ?

Before you decide to go with the standard, usually over-priced airline tickets for your next vacation, you need to look into finding discount airfare when traveling. There are a wide-variety of options available at your fingertips that will lead you to creating the best, budget-friendly vacation possible. Discount Airfare is an important characteristic when it comes to planning a vacation. After you have made a decision on where your destination will be, you can go online and search for discount airfare options. Package Deals You Should Look Out For There will be a variety of choices including package deals, hotel and airfare, and simply airfare by itself. You can always choose to use a travel agent to book your next vacation, but you must be sure to ask them to search for discount airfare. Many airlines offer discount airfare when you search for last minute deals as well. If you sporadically decide to go on vacation you should definitely search for discount airfare so that you can receive the best deal possible, at the most practical price. As soon as you see the savings you will receive through discount airfare you will easily understand that this is an excellent option when planning the perfect vacation on a budget. Today’s society tends to be very expensive, which can make travel difficult for a large amount of people. Do not let the cost of airfare ruin your chances of going on a great vacation; simply look into discount airfare, and you will not be disappointed, after all you do not want to miss the opportunity of a lifetime. Your Next Vacation Finding discount airfare when you are planning your next vacation will save you an extensive amount of money, and with the economy suffering as it is today, who would want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity. Explore your options when it comes to discount airfare, you definitely do not want to miss out. The perfect vacation could be waiting right around the corner, and you do not want to miss out of these huge savings. When you see exactly how much money you can save by receiving discount airfare, I promise your options will definitely expand.

Do senior citizens receive discounts on airfare?

Yes the majority of airlines will offer around 10% discounts for senior citizens. Contact your airline of choice when you want to make the reservations for their flights and make sure to let them know you would like the senior citizen discount.

When is the best time to look for discount airfare?

The best time to look for a discount airfare is early in the week. It is also advisable to not look for tickets too early or too late. Sign up for an airfare alert, and receive emails when a particular fare is reduced. These fares are usually only on sale for a few days. But keep in mind that if one airline drops their prices, other airlines will quickly follow.

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