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If you replaced a meal with a low calorie, high protein smoothie you would lose weight as long as you were actually using it as a 'replacement' and not snacking on other foods though out the day that you wouldn't normally eat because you were hungry from not having a meal.

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Using WW formula to calculate points, a small Mcdonald's fruit smoothie would be 4 1/2 points

how much amount of yogurt and strawberries in a smoothie

The weight of a person on Pluto would be equal to about 1/15 of their weight on Earth. As such, a person who weighs 100lbs on Earth would weigh about 6.67lbs on Pluto.You would weigh just 6.7 pounds on Pluto.

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A person would want to use an ideal weight calculator because it will tell them how much weight they need to gain or lose to reach the ideal weight for their height.

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On average, a 16 oz. smoothie would run about 250-350 calories, depending on the ingredients.

I would say GNC or Planet Smoothie. These smoothie shops both give you good and healthy smoothies. Also give you all your vitamins just about in each smoothie.

Smoothie makers can be purchased in most retail stores. Walmart and Target are great examples of stores that would carry them. Online retailers such as Amazon carry smoothie makers as well.

The person would be about 89 kilograms in weight. The person would still have a mass of 100 kilograms, of course. The strict scientific unit of weight is the "newton" because that is the unit of force and weight exerts a force. The 100 kg person weighs 890 newtons on Venus. However, normally we say "kilograms" or "kilograms weight", as long as we are clear that weight and mass are different.

A person at that height and weight would have a BMI of 23.4, which is in the healthy weight range.

I'm sure it is, I know Starbucks had something like a strawberry banana smoothie. I would try it!!

Well, I would assume that you can put an orange in a smoothie. While it may not taste, exactly... delectable... it's surely possible.

A nice fresh salad with some dressing and a healthy fruit smoothie would be a great on the go diet meal!

The answer depends on the person's weight on Earth but each pound's weight on Earth would be equivalent to 0.376 pound's weight on Mars.

Yes. Ideally it would be the same style and weight as the old one.

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Home made smoothies can be prepared for as little as $1 per serving. A family of 4 could save $10-$15 a week by making a smoothie at home instead of buying from a smoothie bar. The cost of a smoothie machine, or even a simple blender, would quickly be paid for in smoothie savings.

The mass of a person wouldn't change, no matter where you took them. Only their weight changes. On Pluto a person's weight would be much less.

If the cake were split evenly between the 5 each person would get 45g of cake.

If you meant the healthy weight range, for an adult it would be about 45-58kg

An average person would weigh 6 times less than their actual weight.

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