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Would someone go to a Genito-Urinary Medicine Clinic if they had vaginismus?


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December 23, 2007 1:19AM

What is Vaginismus?

First, let's understand what vaginismus is. Vaginismus is an involuntary spasm of the vaginal entrance making intercourse impossible. Sarrel and Sarrel (1979) expand their definition of vaginismus to include difficult or uncomfortable penetration due to involuntary vaginal contractions. With this expanded definition, about 20% of all women seen by the Sarrel's experienced some degree of vaginismus. The Cause.

The cause is usually of a psychological origin, often fear. Young girls are often told that sex is dirty and bad. They may even be scolded or punished for being curious about their own sexuality. Negative sexual experiences, pain during intercourse or a bad sexual experience may also cause vaginismus. Religious or cultural beliefs can reinforce the "ideal of the virgin" or "good girl" syndrome. There may even be a history of enjoyable intercourse, but a vaginal infection or the physical effects of childbirth may be the cause of vaginismus. Most important thing to understand is; The initial cause of vaginismus is emotional and is rooted in your mind, not your body. Your body is fine and can function perfectly but the mind is blocking such action. This mental block to the body is very common, usually caused by repressed negative emotions or maybe a single traumatic experience. Knowing this, we can look at a very effective approach in eliminating vaginismus. The Solution.

The subconscious mind has accepted a negative suggestion regarding intercourse or any form of penetration. It is also possible for the mind to accept positive suggestions to reverse, eliminate or decrease the negative behavior pattern currently experienced. Fist see a gyn doctor to eliminate physical causes, then a psychologist to help with guided imagery to increase comfort and intimacy.