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That's a difficult hypothetical question because you have to make assumptions about what the result of World War 2 might have been. Many suggest that the Axis (Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan) would have won without American intervention. If this were the case then Germany would likely to have also been the first country to invent the atomic bomb, and would perhaps have used it against Russia and Great Britain. Continuing on this path, it's hard to imagine that the Axis would not have eventually annexed North America. If the Allies had been able to win without help from the United States, things probably would have evolved just about the same as they are now. Much of the infrastructure and technological know-how was already in place before WW2 so the U.S. would still have developed nuclear arms, enjoyed a strong economy, etc.

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Q: Would the US be a super power if it had not been involved in World War 2?
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