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Q: Would the density of a person be the same on the surface on the moon?
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Would the density of a person be the same on the surface of earth and on the surface on the moon?


The greater density of craters on the moon the?

Older the surface must be

Why does the Moon's surface is visible to an observer on moon?

because the person is on the moon

Which moon would look the brightest from the surface of Jupiter?

The moon Io would look the brightest from the surface of Jupiter because It is the nearest.

How was the surface of the moon when the first person landed on it?

ewin aldrin

How does the density of the earth provide evidence that the interior of the earth is denser that the surface?

The density of the Earth as a whole has been calculated by observing the orbits of the moon and artificial satellites, trajectories of near earth asteroids, etc. We can measure the density of materials from which the surface is composed. The two are not the same. That tells us that the density of the interior is different from the density of surface materials. Since the overall density is greater than the density of the surface materials, the interior must be denser still in order to bring the overall density to what has been observed and calculated.

A meteriod with a diameter of 1cm strikes the Moon What will the crater diameter be?

That would depend on several factors; the velocity of the meteoroid, the mass, density and composition of the meteoroid, and the nature of the surface where it strikes.

How many times will a person on the far side of the moon would observe earth's rise?

It's impossible to see Earth rise from the surface of the moon, since the moon is tidally locked in Earth's orbit.

Does the moon have blood on its surface?

No the moon doesn't have blood on it's surface because that would be the dumbest thing in the first place and how would it get there in the first place.

What is the size difference of the earth and the moon?

In rough rounded figures . . . -- The moon's diameter is 27.3% the size of the Earth's diameter. -- That makes the moon's surface area 7.5% the size of Earth's surface area. -- And it makes the moon's volume 2% the size of the Earth's volume. -- The moon's mass is 1.23% the size of the Earth's mass. (When we notice that the moon has 2% of Earth's volume but only 1.23% its mass, we realize immediately that the moon's average density is only 60% of the Earth's average density.)

Would i float into space if i were on the moon?

No, there is sufficient gravity on the Moon for you to stay on the surface.

How many people with Armstrong on the moon?

The only other person on the surface of the moon with Armstrong was Buzz Aldrin