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This sounds more like a bad cooling fan than a vacuum problem. Insure your fans are turning and are not slipping.

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Q: Would the vacuum line cause the AC on a 1991 Mercury Sable to cool fine as long as it is not at a slow pace in traffic?
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Why would a 1998 Mercury Sable stall and idle rough?

check pcv hose elbow for vacuum leak.

What is the oil specification for a Mercury Sable 1995 model?

The 1995 Mercury Sable would have come from the factory with ( 5W-30 ) oil in the engines

What is vacuum measured in?

vacuum is measured in pressure. To get a vacuum you need a negative pressure. that would be inches of mercury hg

How much does it cost to fix a ball joint?

how much would it cost on a 2004 mercury sable

Why would fuel shut off kickoff in Mercury Sable?

Could be a bad inertia switch.

Where is the transaxle fluid dipstick on 2000 Mercury Sable?

On a 2000 Mercury Sable : The automatic transaxle ( transmission ) fluid level dipstick would be near the firewall just to the drivers side of the engine ( where the transaxle is bolted to the engine )

What would cause the transmission not to move when in gear on a Mercury Sable?

Replace your transmission pump or get a new transmission.

Where is the CD changer in a 2002 Mercury Sable?

According to the 2002 Mercury Sable Owner Guide : ( the 6 disc C.D. changer is either located in the center console , the trunk , or the right side of the cargo area , that would be for the wagon version )

Why is the air conditioning blowing only through the windshield vent 2000 mercury sable?

Many of these systems rely on a vacuum supply from the engine to operate the doors that change the direction of air. When the vacuum supply is cut off the system defaults to defrost mode. I would suspect you have a disconnected, pinched, cracked or broken vacuum line under the hood from the engine that leads to the firewall.

Why must there be a near vacuum in the tube of mercury barometer?

there must be vacuum in the mercury barometer because if air enters the tube the barmeter would become faulty as air pressure will change.

How do you fix codes P0171 and P0174 in a 99 mercury sable LS with the check engine light on?

Bank 1 and bank 2 is running lean. I would suspect a vacuum leak. Check for cracked, disconnected or broken vacuum line(s). The fuel filter could also be plugged and restricting the flow of fuel.

Why would the headlamps not work in 1993 Mercury Sable when the bulbs and fuses are working?

check all your ground wires

Why would you have a fuel smell in a 1998 Mercury Sable?

Fuel leak at hose or fitting Carbon canister is exhausted

How do you know when the starter on a 1993 Mercury Sable has gone out?

The first clue would be if the car doesn't turn over :)

Price of brake line system for 1995 Mercury Sable?

The price of a 1995 Mercury Sable brake line system, would depend on where the parts were bought, and what specific brand type of the parts. Usually, better deals are found online than in stores.

What causes a 1997 Mercury Sable to jerk sometimes when you have stopped and begin to move again?

i think i had the same problem in my 97 mercury sable ,,,mine turned out to be a transmission problem. .i would also check fuel filter ,,its located in the lower rear quarter panel

What would be a reasonable cost to have an oil pan gasket replaced on an '03 mercury sable?

A reasonable price quoted for a oil pan, and gasket replaced on a 2003 Mercury Sable is $350. That is professionally done, so they may charge slightly more for labor.

Where are the VIN locations on a Mercury Sable 2002?

Driver Side on dashboard, under where your stickers on your windshield would be if they are on the left side.

How much would it cost to repair the passenger door of your 1999 Mercury Sable GS?

Depends on what's wrong with the door.

Where is the throttle body intake on a 1999 mercury sable?

The air intake filter assembly would be connected to the throttle body.

What would be 33 ft tall if it were filled with water instead of mercury?

a manometer or vacuum gauge

Where can you get a vacuum hose routing on a 2000 mercury villager?

I would start by purchasing a repair manual.

Why would a 2008 Mercury Sable have two clocks?

poor design If one is in the radio, it may be an aftermarket radio that has been installed.

Why would a Mercury Sable lights start flashing and horn start blowing when temp is close to freezing?

Needs a new battery.

What is cat monitor on a Mercury Sable 2002?

That would be an oxygen sensor installed AFTER the catalytic converter ( also called a catalyst monitor )