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No, the word "handy" would come after the word "hand" in a dictionary page as it starts with the letter "h" followed by "a."

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Q: Would the word handy come between the words hair and hand in a dictionary page?
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How do you improve your English Reading?

By repitition. It helps to have a dictionary handy, to define words as you go.

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The word "lamp" would be on the dictionary page, as it falls alphabetically between the guide words "lab" and "land."

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No you would not.

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It would depend on how comprehensive the dictionary was.

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The word consider would be found between which to guid words in the dictionary?


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You dont.have a dictionary handy

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The word "signature" would appear between the guide words "signify" and "silly" in the dictionary.

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all words that are real are in the dictionary!

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The words between "shoal" and "showy" in the dictionary are likely to be in alphabetical order. Some possible words in between these two could include "shoot," "shop," and "shore."

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Slang words are words that are not in the dictionary.

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